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Anti-odor bag


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  • Anti-odor bag

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Anti-odor bag

Anti-odor bag

Pair of bags that eliminate the odor of boxing gloves, footwear, etc. and kill the bacteria that produce it.
Made with active carbon, they are ideal to use after each training session.
Approximate duration of one year.

Why you will love it:

You will avoid the bad odors that the gloves pick up after training and the humidity that can ruin them.



67 opinions of our clients

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Pedido en tienda06/07/20245
Alejandro Mora03/07/20245
Pedro Ambrósio06/06/20245
Good smell and practices
Márcia Martins06/06/20245
Great smell!
Javier Fernández López15/04/20245
Pleasant and long-lasting aroma that neutralizes all unwanted odors, whether in gloves, sports bags or even in a closet.
Beatriz Padilla25/12/20235
The best invention to prevent your gloves from smelling bad
Andreea ursu23/12/20235
They work great!
Afonso Faro01/12/20235
Great smell
Marisol Caro Ocio18/11/20235
Essential to take care of the gloves and extend their life. Even if you have good indoor hygiene and bandages, you need these bags. Great.
Javier Pérez Serrano17/11/20235
I haven't tried them yet, but it looks like a good product.
Alberto García Nieto02/11/20235
Great value for the price
Nuno CAchado01/10/20235
Since I used it inside the gloves, the gloves don't smell like sweat. I recommend it 100%
André Novais01/10/20235
Fulfills the function
Marco Portela15/09/20235
Juliette Ortigosa14/09/20235
Cheap and effective!!
Antonio 13/09/20235
They dry the gloves well from humidity and leave a very good smell
Daniel Plantada Sanchez06/09/20235
Javier Escudero Bejerano03/09/20235
Highly recommend
Laura wylie01/09/20235
My son is very happy with them
Cristina 31/08/20235
Ideal size to put in gloves and a great smell
João Moreira30/08/20235
The product perfectly fulfills its purpose!
Daniel Mendoza25/08/20235
Shipping from one day to the next, very very good. And my wife has tried the gloves and she is very happy. Highly recommend both the tent and the gloves.
Carina Vicente24/08/20235
The odor bags are great and do exactly what you want, leaving the gloves without any smell
Pedro Oliveira20/08/20235
Catarina Sofia04/08/20235
Effective! And it's very useful, especially for those who use the gloves several times during the week
Javier Lopez Menchero30/07/20235
Very useful so that the gloves do not smell when storing them after training
José Antonio19/07/20235
The anti-humidity bag looks good at the moment, it leaves a very good smell in the glove, I will update the comment here in a few months
They leave a pretty good smell.
maria del rio yebenes05/05/20235
They ice super well, and leave an incredible smell in the gloves. The truth is that they are coming great now for the summer.
André Paulinho02/04/20235
Helps to reduce odors
António Joel Costa Santos15/03/20235
leaves a good smell
Pablo Vallejo Perez11/02/20235
I have only used it one day but it leaves a very good smell in the glove
Carolina Godinho10/02/20235
Useful, with a pleasant smell, great for removing bad odors.
Daniele Ferraro09/02/20235
Very good smell, let's see how long these sachets will last, but I have already used them in the past and they have absorbed a lot during the year.
Sergio AG21/01/20235
Works great to get odor out of gloves. I recommend using it from day one and not waiting for the smell to develop.
David Rua Serna20/01/20235
Good product!
Sara Benito Bowen10/01/20235
They absorb sweat and leave the gloves with a wonderful lemon smell. When I can I take more, it's a genius
Joao Silva09/01/20235
I liked it, simple, it smells good, even my teacher liked it.
Ricardo Dias09/01/20234
Excellent product. It fulfills its function perfectly.
André Barradas06/01/20234
It helps a lot to reduce the bad smells of the material.
Ruben Gallego27/12/20225
Ideal to avoid odors. Very happy.
Andreea ursu25/12/20225
Tânia Gomes16/12/20224
Good size
Daniel López Ortiz16/12/20225
They do their job, it leaves a good smell and removes the moisture that the gloves have after training
Gabriela Santos15/12/20225
Quite useful and necessary after practice. Maintain good deodorization.
Sónia Alves11/12/20224
Hugo Elizondo Velasco11/11/20225
Recommended, no odors
João Garcia09/10/20225
Marcos Loureiro Eiroa13/09/20225
100% recommended, they absorb moisture from the gloves and leave a good smell, perfect for after each workout
Antonio Manzano Portillo01/09/20225
They do their job. Lemon smell. Nice.
Virginia Carrasco Ayala19/08/20225
They fulfill their function pleasant smell
Juan Antonio Tur Castro08/05/20225
Without a doubt, essential
Afonso Ribeiro18/03/20225
Article works great!
Nieves Bobes Álvarez17/03/20225
Essential to extend the life of your gloves
Felipe Andrés Bayona 15/03/20225
They smell super good and keep the gloves feeling fresh, I loved it
Juan Tomás García Amezcua12/03/20225
It works really well. Highly recommended.
Diogo Santos11/03/20225
Excellent quality and odor.
Bárbara Gemelgo05/03/20225
It really works, the gloves don't smell bad
Raúl Serra Domínguez22/02/20225
Indispensable to remove bad odor from gloves.
Jose Manuel Martin González17/02/20225
All perfect. Fast delivery.
Emanuel David Correia Bertão Bertão30/01/20225
Gloves don't get a bad smell, top
Débora Íñiguez Sánchez18/01/20225
The smell is great and they make the gloves odorless and moisture free. I bought two, a pack for me and another for my partner, and we are delighted. Totally recommended.
Jose Manuel 10/04/20215
Very useful to eliminate odor after training
Samuel Iñigo Balda08/04/20215
Essential product, very good
Gelles olivier02/10/20203
As ordered, not used yet Hence the note Received in 24h Top site
Vicente Aguilar Francés02/08/20205
Perfect, we will see the durability they have over time but useful and great for the hygiene of the gloves
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