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How to Choose Your MMA Gloves: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Choose Your MMA Gloves: A Comprehensive Guide

Choosing the right MMA gloves is essential for any martial artist, whether you're competing or training. The correct gloves protect your hands, enhance your performance, and prevent injuries. This guide will provide you with all the necessary information to make an informed decision, ensuring you select the perfect pair of MMA gloves for your needs.


Importance of Choosing the Right MMA Gloves


The importance of choosing the right MMA gloves cannot be overstated. Properly fitting gloves protect your hands and wrists, provide adequate support, and improve your overall martial arts experience. Incorrectly sized or poor-quality gloves can lead to discomfort, injuries, and a less effective workout.


Key Factors in Choosing MMA Gloves


Competition vs. Training Gloves
For MMA, there are 4 oz gloves which are smaller and typically used for competitions, and 7 oz gloves which are used for sparring with extra padding. These differences are crucial depending on your training needs.

Glove Sizes and Measurements
The size of MMA gloves varies depending on the size of your hands, available in sizes S, M, L, XL. At our store, we measure the size using either your t-shirt size (a person with an M t-shirt size usually wears M gloves) or specific hand measurements. If you know you have larger hands, consider sizing up. Here are the measurements:

  • S: between 18 cm and 19 cm
  • M: between 19 cm and 20 cm
  • L: between 20 cm and 23 cm
  • XL: between 23 cm and 25.5 cm

Material and Comfort
MMA gloves fit snugly to your hands and can feel tight initially but will stretch and become more comfortable over time. The material of the gloves affects both durability and comfort, with options including genuine leather, synthetic leather, and hybrid materials.


Guide to MMA Glove Sizes


4 oz Gloves for Competition
These smaller gloves are designed for official MMA fights, offering less padding and more flexibility for grappling and striking.

7 oz Gloves for Sparring
These gloves have extra padding for protection during sparring sessions, making them ideal for training without compromising safety.

Hand Size and T-Shirt Size Correlation
To determine your glove size, you can use your t-shirt size as a reference. Typically, someone who wears a medium t-shirt will wear medium gloves. If you have larger hands, consider going up a size. Here are the specific hand measurements for each size:

  • S: between 18 cm and 19 cm
  • M: between 19 cm and 20 cm
  • L: between 20 cm and 23 cm
  • XL: between 23 cm and 25.5 cm


Types of MMA Gloves


Competition Gloves
Designed for official MMA fights, these gloves are typically 4 oz and offer minimal padding to enhance performance while maintaining protection.

Training Gloves
Usually 7 oz, these gloves have additional padding for safety during sparring and training sessions. They provide better protection for both you and your training partners.


Recommended Brands and Quality-Price Balance


When recommending brands, it's essential to consider both quality and price. Here are some top brands that offer excellent MMA gloves:

  • Venum: Known for their affordability and quality, Venum MMA gloves are great for both beginners and advanced fighters.
  • Leone: Offers a good balance of price and quality, suitable for all levels.
  • Buddha: Provides durable gloves at a reasonable price, ideal for those looking for good value.
  • DSK: Known for their robust construction and durability, suitable for serious martial artists.
  • Rival: Offers high-performance gloves, great for advanced training.
  • Cleto Reyes: Premium gloves known for their craftsmanship, ideal for professional and competitive athletes.


Additional Tips for Choosing MMA Gloves


Here are some additional tips to help you choose the right MMA gloves:

  • Try Before You Buy: Always try on the gloves to ensure they fit comfortably and provide adequate wrist support.
  • Consider Glove Style: Choose between competition and training gloves based on your specific needs and training regimen.
  • Maintenance: Regularly clean and air out your gloves to prevent odors and extend their lifespan.




Choosing the right MMA gloves is a crucial step in ensuring your safety and performance in martial arts. By considering factors such as glove size, type of martial art, hand measurements, and material, you can find the perfect pair of gloves to meet your needs. Investing in high-quality gloves from reputable brands like Venum, Leone, Buddha, DSK, Rival, and Cleto Reyes will ensure you get the best value and durability, making your training experience more enjoyable and effective.


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