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Punching bag or punching dummy – Which is better?

Punching bag or punching dummy – Which is better?

Punching bag or punching dummy – Which is better?

When I train, I want to get all the benefits as quickly as possible. Isn't that what we all want? «Bob» and a bunch of heavy bags are in my gym. So which one should I train with? Is it better to use a punching bag or a dummy? Which of these options is the best?

In fact, each of them has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let's start with the differences in training and continue with a comparison of durability and price.

Precision and technique

In boxing or any other martial art, these skills are extremely crucial. In fact, there aren't many training styles in boxing where we can put these skills to use without a sparring partner. The hitting dummy partially solves this problem, since it allows you to target certain areas as if it were a real opponent. Thanks to this, you can practice all striking methods, including hooks, jabs and uppercuts. With heavy bags, you can always do hooks, hooks, and other moves, but you can't practice uppercuts effectively. Boxing dummies have an advantage over punching bags in this situation.


It is evident that many people do not give enough importance to footwork. Even in boxing matches, it is observed that many boxers are not able to position themselves correctly. You can use both mannequins and punching bags to train your footwork. Which, however, is superior to improve it?

Dummies remain motionless after hitting, while large bags swing, and this is especially true with hanging punching bags. Therefore, when the bags are swinging, you need to get into a good hitting position. You will see considerable improvement in your heavy bag training if you don't become complacent.

Although a dummy can be used to train footwork, it is much less effective than training with a heavy bag. Since it does not swing and requires few movements during a session, it can lead you to become lazy in your footwork.


In general, punching dummies cost more than punching bags. However, this is not always true. In fact, if you purchase a hanging punching bag, you will also need a stand for the punching bag, which can multiply the bill. On the other hand, when you use standing equipment like a Big Bob or a standing punching bag, you don't need to purchase more equipment to train with.


As for durability, both a punching dummy and a good quality punching bag have a very long durability. However, it should be noted that in the event of a tear, a punching bag will be easier to repair with adhesive tapes. Furthermore, the filling of a bag can be changed, while it is not possible to modify the foam contained in hitting dummies.

About the team

Many people use their bare hands to hit heavy bags or "Bob". This practice is extremely risky and can cause damage to your joints and wrists. If you buy the right gloves, you can protect yourself while getting in good workouts.

The padding on boxing gloves absorbs impacts, and if you wear them, the bag will move more. This allows you to swing with more footwork. If you want to get the most out of a training session with a dummy or heavy bag, wearing gloves is a real plus in terms of effectiveness and safety.

Final thoughts

Both the mannequin and the punching bag have their own advantages and qualities.

With a dummy, you can train for belly punches and uppercuts, and improve your technique and accuracy. Heavy bags, on the other hand, can help you improve your footwork.

These two pieces of equipment are very good for improving your boxing skills, so ask yourself what your training desires are. If you want to improve your technique and precision, dummies will be better, however, if you want to work on your power or footwork, a punching bag will perhaps be more appropriate.


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