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The 10 Most Impressive Boxing Records

The 10 Most Impressive Boxing Records



Boxing has produced countless renowned warriors who have left an indelible mark on history. These boxers stood out from their contemporaries and created some of the most memorable stories in boxing. In this article, we explore ten of the most surprising records in the world of boxing.


Are you ready to discover the most impressive records in boxing history? Let's go directly to our list.


1. The Most Successful Boxer to Retire Undefeated: Floyd Mayweather


Floyd Mayweather is not the first boxer to retire undefeated, but he is the most successful to do so, never having lost a fight in his career. Mayweather defeated more world and title champions than any other boxer, winning 23 bouts against reigning champions, which accounts for about half of his fights. This 50-0 record is exceptional among undefeated retired boxers. Mayweather won titles in five different weight classes during his career. His great rival, Manny Pacquiao, is the second with the most fights against reigning champions, with 22.


2. The Greatest Number of Titles in Different Divisions: Manny Pacquiao


It is no coincidence that Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather have been the two biggest stars in boxing in the last two decades. Pacquiao started at a weight of 50 kg when he won his first world title and increased his weight to 67 kg throughout his career, winning titles in several weight classes. This achievement places him among the best boxers in history in terms of pound-for-pound performance. By comparison, Mayweather weighed 59kg in his first title fight, and both boxers competed in similar weight classes.


3. Most Undisputed Heavyweight Champion: Muhammad Ali


Muhammad Ali's performances in the ring were as impressive as the multiple positions he held outside of it. Ali was the undisputed king of boxing more times than anyone else in history, contributing to his universal appeal. Ali faced adversity in the ring, but always came back better and stronger than before. Being an undisputed champion means winning all the belts from the major organizations, proving that you are the best fighter in the division. Ali won all of these belts beating Sony Liston, George Foreman and Leon Spinks.


4. Longest Invincibility Record: Packey McFarland


If you're impressed by Mayweather's record, wait until you meet the current record holder, who has more than twice as many wins as Floyd. McFarland participated in fights in the late 19th century and early 20th century, achieving an official record of 70-0 before retiring, including 50 knockouts. Ironically, McFarland never had the opportunity to compete for a championship, which likely reflects the level of competition and lack of regulation in boxing at that time.


5. Highest Number of KOs: Billy Bird


Billy Bird seemed more like an average worker than a professional boxer in his heyday, however, he holds the record for the most KOs in boxing history, with 139 in 356 fights throughout his career, which was not unusual for beginning of the 20th century. There is no close competitor in modern boxing. Archie Moore is the second boxer with the most KOs in history, with 132, and he fought at the beginning of the 20th century. Deontay Wilder holds the record for most KOs among active boxers, with 42. Modern boxers simply cannot compete with Bird's record due to the evolution of the sport.


6. The Oldest World Champion: Bernard Hopkins


Hopkins, at 46, upset many boxers' retirement plans when he defeated Jean Pascal to win the WBC and Ring light heavyweight belts. This showed how well he took care of himself after his first retirement and his evolution as a boxer. Hopkins was a fearsome puncher in his heyday, but as he approached his forties, he adopted a more defensive technique, which he found very effective. In a world where many professional athletes retire around the age of forty, Hopkins showed that wrestlers can reach a high level at that age if they put in the effort and develop a technique that suits their physical limits.


7. The Smallest Heavyweight Champion: Tommy Burns


A 1.80m heavyweight boxer is considered small, as many heavyweights, such as Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, are 2.06m and 2.02m, respectively. Burns was only 5'7", but managed to win the heavyweight title. Additionally, Burns is the first Canadian-born heavyweight champion in boxing history. This shows that height should not be a disadvantage in the ring if proper fighting technique is used. Burns was not a short-lived champion either, successfully defending the title thirteen times.


8. The Greatest Number of Fights and Victories in Boxing History: Len Wickwar


You don't have to be a boxing historian to understand that this probably occurred in the early days of boxing, when fighting several times a month was the norm. Wickwar saw combat in the early 20th century and retired with a record of 342-86-43. To give you an idea, 94 of his victories were by KO. His total number of fights and winning record are unlikely to be surpassed, as boxing has evolved in new directions.


9. The Longest Interruption Between Two World Titles: George Foreman


George Foreman won his first world heavyweight title in 1973 and retired in 1977. He took a long hiatus from boxing, but returned to knock out Michael Moorer and win the WBA and IBF titles at age 45, 21 years later. .


10. The Only Heavyweight Champion to Retire Undefeated: Rocky Marciano


Retiring as an undefeated world champion is an extraordinary achievement for any boxer, but it is even more remarkable when it is a heavyweight. These boxers hit harder than any other, and a single mistake can knock you out. Who knows, maybe Tyson Fury will give him a fight. Fury currently has a record of 31-0-1, while Marciano retired with a record of 49-0.


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