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What is better, boxing or the gym?

What is better, boxing or the gym?

Deciding between boxing and the gym can be a dilemma for those looking for the best way to stay in shape. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends on personal goals and preferences. Below, we compare these two training approaches.

Complete Training

Boxing offers a complete workout that combines cardiovascular, strength and resistance exercises. Boxing sessions include jumping rope, hitting the bag and working on technique, ensuring a dynamic and varied workout. In comparison, the gym may focus more on specific muscle development and toning.

Burning Calories

Boxing is highly effective at burning calories . An hour of intense training can burn between 500 and 800 calories, depending on the intensity and the individual's body weight. In the gym, calorie burn can vary widely depending on the type of exercise and duration, but cardio sessions tend to be less varied and stimulating than a boxing class.

Skill Development

Boxing not only improves physical fitness, but also develops important skills such as coordination, balance, agility and reflexes. These skills can be beneficial in daily life and in other sports. In the gym, the focus is usually more on overall strength and conditioning.

Mental Benefits

Boxing is known for its mental benefits . Helps reduce stress, improve concentration and increase confidence. The competitive nature and discipline required in boxing can provide a sense of achievement and improve mental well-being. Although the gym can also offer mental benefits, boxing provides a more direct outlet for the release of stress and aggression.

Social interaction

Boxing can offer a richer social experience than going to the gym. Training at a boxing academy allows you to interact with other boxers, learn in a team environment and receive constant motivation and support. At the gym, the experience can be more solitary unless you participate in group classes.

Variety and Motivation

Boxing training is varied and keeps motivation high . The mix of techniques and exercises ensures that each session is different, avoiding boredom and promoting long-term adherence. At the gym, it can be easy to fall into a monotonous routine, which can affect long-term motivation.


In conclusion, both boxing and the gym have their own advantages and can complement a healthy lifestyle. Boxing offers a complete workout, effective calorie burning, skill development, mental benefits and an enriching social experience. The gym, on the other hand, allows for a more specific focus on strength and conditioning. The choice between boxing and the gym depends on the personal goals and preferences of each individual.


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