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Conor McGregor Dana White: The big question about the future of 'The Notorious'

Conor McGregor Dana White: The big question about the future of 'The Notorious'

Conor McGregor Dana White : The big question about the future of 'The Notorious'

Dana White, the executive director of the UFC, has answered the big question about Conor McGregor 's future after his recent injury. McGregor's announcement, which will prevent him from headlining the UFC 303 card alongside Michael Chandler, has generated a stir in the world of MMA.


The end of Conor McGregor?


Conor McGregor 's injury was a hard blow for all parties involved. Dana White, known for his ability to adapt, had to act quickly to rearrange the event. Instead of looking for a direct replacement, White opted for an alternative that promises to maintain interest and purchases on PPV: Alex Pereira against Jiří Procházka. This adjustment not only keeps expectations high, but from a sporting perspective, it could even improve the event.


Michael Chandler's reaction


For his part, Michael Chandler showed his resignation through his social networks. Chandler, who had been training intensely, received the news at a crucial time. "I had finished my last sparring session on Thursday morning. I had been hearing rumors since Monday, but I actually got the call an hour after my last sparring session," Chandler shared.

Chandler, known as 'Iron', explained that he was in the best shape of his life, free of overtraining, bumps and bruises, when he received the devastating news that the fight would be postponed. "He was the happiest, healthiest, hardest to kill and most dangerous man I've ever been in my entire life. Until 30 minutes later, I got a phone call saying it was all for nothing," Chandler said.


Dana White on McGregor's future


In a recent interview on 'The Jim Rome Show', Dana White addressed the uncertainty about McGregor 's future. "The end of Conor McGregor ? That's the big question," White declared. "Conor will be 36 in July and he has a lot of money. You never know with guys like him or Jon Jones. Maybe they'll fight again, maybe they won't. You never know if you're ever going to see them [fight] again."

Although White wouldn't venture to give a specific date for McGregor's return, he highlighted the challenges faced by veteran fighters like McGregor and Jon Jones. "As you get older, you get hurt a lot more easily. There are more injuries than when you were younger and you're less willing to take risks with an injury," White explained.


The reality of McGregor's injury


Confirming the seriousness of the situation, Dana White assured that Conor McGregor 's injury is real and denied any attempt at contract renegotiation by the former two-division champion.

Conor McGregor , a polarizing and charismatic figure in the world of MMA, has left an indelible mark on the sport. His possible return remains an unknown, but fans around the world are eagerly waiting to see if 'The Notorious' will enter the octagon again. Meanwhile, the action continues in the UFC, with new stars emerging and events that promise to keep us on the edge of our seats.

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