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Franco Tenaglia wants to bring bare-knuckle boxing to Spain

Franco Tenaglia wants to bring bare-knuckle boxing to Spain

Franco Tenaglia wants to introduce bare-knuckle boxing in Spain : "You keep receiving hits to the skull, but I like it"


Argentine Franco Tenaglia , currently residing in Alicante, is the continental champion of Bare Knuckle FC. Alternating between bare-knuckle boxing and MMA, on June 29 he will be the protagonist of a mixed martial arts event in Alicante.


The year 2024 has been crucial for Franco Tenaglia . Known as "The King of the Street", this 27-year-old Argentine has overcome many challenges. He emigrated from Argentina to Europe in search of a better life after facing numerous problems. With no resources, he managed to survive, even working for the Irish mafia. His appearance in "King of the Streets" (extreme fights posted on YouTube) was his springboard to sporting success.


Two years ago he arrived at the Climent Club in Alicante with the aim of getting away from his previous dangerous life, and thanks to sport, he achieved it. Since then, he has steadily progressed and found a family in the gym where Ilia Topuria made his name. Tenaglia shared his story at a martial arts event organized by YouTuber Jordi Wild. "Participating there gave me great visibility. Many brands approached me, but I am very authentic and guided by energies. Some companies tried to impose limits on me, but I rejected them, even if I needed the money," he commented in an interview with Relevo.


Franco Tenaglia in Spain: A multifaceted fighter



Tenaglia is a complete and versatile fighter. He started kickboxing in Argentina, has participated in extreme fights in Europe, and also practices Bare Knuckle and MMA. He is currently a bare-knuckle boxing champion, a discipline that he is passionate about. "It's hard, because you keep receiving impacts to the skull without protection, but I like it and I want to continue developing my career in this modality, as well as in MMA. My goal is to combine both disciplines for a while and, when I achieve good legacy in Bare Knuckle, I will focus on MMA," he says.


The rise of Franco Tenaglia in Spain



He works on his plan from the top of Europe, since in April he was crowned Bare Knuckle FC continental champion in an epic fight that went viral. "That victory has given me great fame and notoriety in both Spain and Argentina. I represent both countries and I have managed to be the first champion of this modality for both nations," he declares. This title makes him an important figure for the organization, which has recently been partly acquired by Conor McGregor.


Franco Tenaglia's future in bare-knuckle boxing and MMA



"Obviously, my goal is the United States, where the best are. In Europe, currently, it only has history in the United Kingdom. The idea is to go there, but I am also negotiating for the company to come to Spain . The public here will love it It is a very intense sport from the beginning. It is not like in MMA, where sometimes the fights are boring because they get stuck a lot or go to the ground without action. The action is guaranteed. Bare Knuckle wants to come to Spain , they see a lot of potential. here, and the idea is to do something soon," reveals El Rey de la Calle.


Meanwhile, Tenaglia focuses on his MMA career, where he has two wins and two losses. On June 29, he will seek to add a third victory in the WAR event, which will take place in the Plaza de Toros de Alicante. "It is a great event in a magical place. I live in Alicante, it is my home, and I am very happy to be able to fight here," says the Argentine. José Suárez is waiting for him in the cage. The combat promises to be challenging and exciting. "Every time I fight, I put on a show. It's always guaranteed," Franco Tenaglia concludes.


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