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Ilia Topuria: Matador - the movie

Ilia Topuria: Matador - the movie

'Topuria: Matador', the movie: when it premieres, where to see it and everything you need to know

The figure of Ilia Topuria, the UFC featherweight champion, will go to the big screen with his new documentary film titled 'Topuria: Matador' . This exciting feature film, which chronicles the life and career of the Hispanic-Georgian fighter, will be released in theaters on September 19 .

Topuria's journey from Georgia to the UFC title

The documentary film will provide an exhaustive review of Ilia Topuria's beginnings in a Georgia at war, showing the entire journey that led him to become one of the most outstanding fighters in the world. From his first steps in the sport to his historic featherweight title fight, the film promises to offer a comprehensive view of his career.

The most personal side of Ilia Topuria

In addition to his sporting career, 'Topuria: Matador' delves into the fighter's most personal side. The toughest moments and personal victories that have shaped his character and success will be explored. Topuria has collaborated closely with Movistar + to ensure that the production lives up to its expectations and its history.

"They are going to know me in many facets of my life. Without filters." - Ilia Topuria, UFC featherweight champion

During the event's press conference, Ilia Topuria shared some details about what viewers will be able to see in the film. "They are going to know me in many facets of my life, as the 'Matador', as a father, as a son, as a brother... Without filters," he acknowledged.

Where can the film be seen?

The feature film 'Topuria: Matador' will be available in all cinemas in Spain starting September 19. Movistar + subscribers will have to wait a little longer to enjoy the film on their platform. During the press conference, Ilia also spoke about other more personal aspects, showing her more human and close side.

On September 19, theaters will open their doors to show 'El Matador' as he has never been seen before, just as his first defense of the belt is closer than ever. Everything indicates that at the end of the year, Max Holloway will be chosen to face Topuria in a superfight, possibly at the Bernabéu stadium in the first quarter of 2025.

Who is behind the film?

The distributor in charge of promoting the film is Filmax, while the production has been carried out by Omi and Señor Mono. It is directed by Giampaolo Manfreda, who has worked closely with Topuria to capture the essence of its history and legacy in the world of sport.


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