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McGregor vs Topuria. "Fuck him, he's not a champion"

McGregor vs Topuria. "Fuck him, he's not a champion"

McGregor charges against Topuria: "Fuck him, he's not a champion"

In the world of mixed martial arts ( MMA ), verbal confrontations are almost as important as fights in the octagon. The latest to add fuel to the fire is Conor McGregor , who has directed harsh words towards Ilia Topuria , the undefeated featherweight champion.

In a recent stream, McGregor did not hold back and launched a series of insults directed at Topuria, questioning his legitimacy as champion. "Fuck Topuria. I don't give a damn. He reminds me of a retarded Artem Lobov. I think Holloway destroys him. Ilia is not a champion . He may have a belt, but it's a meaningless belt as long as he holds it," he declared. McGregor.

The rivalry between McGregor and Topuria

The rivalry between McGregor and Topuria has been on the rise in recent months. Topuria, with an impeccable record of 15-0-0, has been the subject of several criticisms from McGregor, who doubts his origins and his ability to stay at the top. "I don't know if he's Georgian or Spanish, I don't even know where he is exactly," added McGregor, casting more doubts on the young champion.

Ilia Topuria's response

So far, Topuria has remained calm and has not responded directly to McGregor's attacks. However, many fans are waiting for a strong response from the champion, who has proven to be a formidable competitor inside the octagon.

Expectations for McGregor's return

Conor McGregor (22-6-0) is preparing his return to the octagon, and his comments towards Topuria seem to be part of his strategy to generate buzz. McGregor is known for his ability to promote his fights through controversy and inflammatory comments. This latest 'stream' is no exception and has managed to capture the attention of the media and fans.

Impact on the MMA community

McGregor's statements have resonated throughout the MMA community. Fans are divided, with some supporting McGregor and others defending Topuria. The discussion has moved to social media, where both fighters have passionate followers.

Other controversial comments from McGregor

McGregor also had words for other big names in MMA. About Khabib Nurmagomedov, he said: "He owes everything to the Russian government. He has two UFC main events and he owes the government money. Sneaky rat who owes the Russian government money. I will welcome him back to the fighting game he ran from" . He also had words for Alexander Volkanovski: "Fuck him too, I would have kicked his head off his shoulders."

It's clear that Conor McGregor isn't afraid to voice his opinions and keep his name in the spotlight. With his return imminent, the MMA world is eagerly waiting to see if he can back up his words with actions inside the octagon.


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