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Mike Tyson warns Jake Paul with strong statements

Mike Tyson warns Jake Paul with strong statements

Mike Tyson and his warning about the fight against Jake Paul

The fight on July 20 has been eagerly awaited at the home of the Cowboys.

Mike Tyson and his warning about fighting...

Boxing. Mike Tyson "does very well" after being treated mid-flight.

Boxing. Mike Tyson gets what he wanted and changes the rules of his fight against Jake Paul.

The next fight between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul is getting closer. Fans are waiting for the bell to ring at AT&T Stadium on July 20, when former heavyweight champion Tyson and former YouTube star Paul face off in a fully sanctioned professional fight in Arlington, Texas. Opinion remains divided over who will emerge victorious.

Tyson's last professional fight took place in 2005, and the 57-year-old has attempted to allay concerns that he is too old to return to the ring against an opponent who is 30 years his junior. Paul, just 10 fights into his career, has yet to face an opponent with Tyson's reputation. However, a former mixed martial arts star has said "Iron Mike" should be worried about "Problem Child" this summer.

Former MMA star Sonnen predicts a Paul victory

In a video posted to his YouTube channel on Saturday, former UFC light heavyweight contender Chael Sonnen predicted a clear victory for Paul on July 20, even though the best win of Paul's career remains his 10th round victory over Nate Diaz last August.

To explain, Sonnen drew a parallel between this fight and Tyson's last professional fight in 2005, against Kevin McBride. The "Colossus Clones" defeated Tyson by technical knockout after Tyson refused to answer the bell in the seventh round, instantly awarding the victory to McBride even though he trailed Tyson on two of the judges' scorecards.

"Kevin McBride, back then that beat (Tyson) up and sent him into retirement," Sonnen said. "If that version of Kevin McBride versus Jake Paul fought right now, Jake Paul would beat him."

Sonnen's confidence will be a boost for Paul, although one of the rules of the fight could benefit Tyson immensely. The two-minute rounds will allow the "Baddest Man on the Planet" to conserve his strength and deliver faster blows to Paul, who lacks Tyson's decades of ring experience.


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