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Prochazka demands self-criticism and strong statements

Prochazka demands self-criticism and strong statements

Prochazka's future, all or nothing: "Either I evolve to the next level or I don't fight anymore"

The former champion makes self-criticism after the revenge fight against Pereira

Pereira's KO of Prochazka is now UFC history

After UFC 303, Alex Pereira's figure was magnified, although not only because of the spectacular nature of his victory, but also because his outstanding performance occurred against a top-level rival like Jiri Prochazka. It was the second defense of the light heavyweight title that 'Poatan' won from the 'Czech Samurai' in November 2023.

The violent end

The violent ending showed that Prochazka, 31, lacked the necessary weapons to stop a force of nature like Pereira but, above all, it made it clear to the candidate that the Brazilian is currently at another level. The former 205-pound monarch has already spoken out about his future and has been self-critical, to the point of giving himself an ultimatum.

Self-criticism and ultimatum

The Czech has expressed on social networks: "Hello everyone, thank you for all your support. Thanks to you, Alex, for the fight. You were better. Only one thing crosses my mind: that I need to evolve to the next level. .. or not fight again. It's that simple, to be the strongest, this is the way. Thank you. See you in the gym."

The future of 'BJP'

According to his words, 'BJP' will soon be working again in search of that level it craves, although it leaves the door open to a withdrawal. An idea, the latter, unlikely for a fighter who has won 14 of his last 16 fights. 'Poatan' has been his Achilles heel as it was for Adesanya before, but this does not mean that there is not a triumphant return to the top.


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