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Sean O'Malley speaks badly of Ilia Topuria

Sean O'Malley speaks badly of Ilia Topuria

UFC bantamweight champion Sean O'Malley has once again found himself at the center of controversy with his recent comments about Ilia Topuria . On his YouTube channel, O'Malley did not hesitate to criticize the Hispanic-Georgian fighter, although he also offered him some praise, generating an exchange of opinions in the world of mixed martial arts.

O'Malley's Criticism and Praise

In a recent statement, O'Malley compared Topuria to Cody Garbrandt, suggesting that his career could be on a downward path after a possible loss against Max Holloway. "Ilia is going to be the next Cody Garbrandt. He won his fight and now he has his Dominick Cruz performance. He's about to get destroyed by Max Holloway and then it's going to go downhill from there," O'Malley said. However, he also acknowledged Topuria's skills, calling him "one of the most skilled guys currently in the UFC."

Reply from Topuria

Ilia Topuria was quick to respond to O'Malley's comments. On his social networks, Topuria referred to O'Malley as "another hater, but this one fucking ugly," highlighting the verbal confrontation between the two. Topuria also took the opportunity to remember O'Malley's only loss against 'Chito' Vera, while he maintains his undefeated record.

Possible Future Showdown

O'Malley and Topuria's paths could cross in the future if the bantamweight champion decides to move up a category in search of the featherweight title. This potential matchup has generated great anticipation among UFC fans, who are eager to see how this rivalry will play out in the octagon.


The recent verbal dispute between Sean O'Malley and Ilia Topuria has fueled speculation about a possible confrontation in the future. As both fighters continue their rise in the UFC, fans are eagerly waiting to see how this rivalry plays out both inside and outside the Octagon.


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