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Volkanovski Harshly Criticizes Topuria: Controversy Prior to UFC 303

Volkanovski Harshly Criticizes Topuria: Controversy Prior to UFC 303

Alexander Volkanovski has launched a harsh criticism towards Ilia Topuria in the preview of UFC 303, and the controversy is red hot.

Volkanovski talks about Topuria before UFC 303

The Australian Volkanovski , speaking in the preview of UFC 303 on Fox Sports, has not spared any words against the undefeated Hispanic-Georgian Ilia Topuria . With an unblemished record of 15-0, Topuria has been repeatedly accused of avoiding defending his featherweight belt. However, according to Volkanovski, this inaction is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of fans and, most importantly, is not pleasing the UFC.

Volkanovski's criticisms of Topuria

In his statements, Volkanovski expressed his frustration: "What Ilia did to me was huge. But then Max Holloway wins the BMF and challenges him, and suddenly Topuria goes from being the king of the world to receiving negative comments. People said that He looked scared when Max challenged him. Then you also have Topuria saying he doesn't want to fight this one, he doesn't want to fight that one... He doesn't want to fight any of the best. Play the bad guy, but don't do it by saying no! You're going to fight with no one. That leaves a bad taste in the fans' mouths. The UFC doesn't like what he's doing, I guarantee it."

The controversy continues

The Australian champion did not stop there, and continued criticizing Topuria 's attitude: "Topuria says he doesn't want to fight anyone but Conor McGregor . Come on friend, stay in your lane. Not the fans, not your rivals, not the UFC "They'll be happy with that. I think the way he's playing now could be done differently."

The reality behind the accusations

However, Volkanovski seems to be wrong in some respects. Topuria has not shied away from a fight with Holloway, but has been clear that it is not fair that the Hawaiian does not put his BMF title on the line while he risks his belt.

Topuria's future in the UFC

Meanwhile, negotiations for Topuria 's next UFC fight are moving forward, and news is expected very soon. Everything indicates that UFC 303 could be the ideal setting for Dana White to make the long-awaited announcement. Don't miss a second of this exciting saga in the UFC universe!


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