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Wow makes history in Vistalegre with an unforgettable night

Wow makes history in Vistalegre with an unforgettable night

Wow makes history in Vistalegre with an unforgettable night

This past weekend, WOW 14 took place in Madrid and was a huge success.

The largest MMA promotion in Spain, WOWfc (The Way of the Warrior), broke records again. More than 7,500 people gathered in Madrid's emblematic bullring, surpassing the attendance of the previous event.

Among the attendees were many well-known faces from the world of culture (cinema, television...), sports, business and great influencers. The night was full of energy, improvement and authentic entertainment, with performances by the famous Puerto Rican singer and rapper Darell and the Spanish rapper Bnet, who is already part of the WOW family.

Some of the notable viewers included Atlético de Madrid player Mario Suárez, personal trainer Iñaki García, security expert José Felix Ramajo, actors Álvaro Lafora, Fernando Andina and Max Merieges, presenters Marta Riesco and Laura Fernández, and many content creators such as Guanyar, Michael Bachelor, Just Hamilton, Ángel Lara, Xosé Castro and Alejandro Cid (Flexcidine).

The evening was historic, being the first time that a Spanish MMA event was broadcast by UFC Fight Pass, highlighting the growing popularity and recognition of WOW and MMA in Spain. In addition, the event was broadcast by Movistar +.

Eleven intense and exciting fights

The best fighters faced each other in the octagon to prove their worth. The most notable moment was the victory of Hecher Sosa in the main event, who defeated Dayvison Silva by submission in the second round at 2'39''. This victory brings Sosa closer to his dream of competing in the UFC.

Ernesto "El Potro" Schisano took the most spectacular KO of the night against the Italian Daniele Caldaera, leaving everyone speechless and improving his record to 2-0.

In the co-main event, Federico Fasciano "Sfacia" defeated Juan Izquierdo "El Chapo" by unanimous decision in an intense battle that kept the audience on their feet.

The event also saw the professional debut of two great promises: Yaman Mjahed "El Diamante", who kept his promise and defeated the Brazilian Warlen Lopes "Mare", and the Catalan Oriol Arenas "Repeto", who faced the experienced Grant Ogborne "Oggy."

The comments were provided by Josean Redondo, Iñaki Cano, Álvaro Colmenero and Dani Bárez, with Nacho Gutiérrez as speaker. Daniel Domínguez and Carlos Martínez were the English commentators for the UFC, and the event could be seen in Prime Time on Movistar Plus +'s Vamos channel. The agreement between WOWfc and Movistar Plus+ has been a milestone for the dissemination of MMA in Spain.

David Balarezo "Bala", CEO of WOWfc, expressed his pride and gratitude to the media who remained in the square until almost an hour into the evening.

The next stop will be in Zaragoza on June 15.

WOW 14 Results


1- Kilian Pita won by Guillotine in Round 1 at 2'09'' (Referee Evgueni Tchubykalo)

2- Mohamed El Karchouch won by Unanimous Decision (Referee José Juan Villar)

3- Paula Sánchez took the victory by Unanimous Decision (Referee Evgueni Tchubykalo)


4- Yaman Mjahed won by TKO Ground and Pound in Round 1 at 3'07'' (Referee Jesús Arjona)

5- Oriol Arenas won by Arm Triangle Choke in Round 2 at 4'23'" (Referee José Carlos Corona)

6- Elton Bamba won by TKO Ground and Pound in Round 3 at 3'19'' (Referee José Juan Villar)

7- Ernesto Schisano took the victory by KO Strikes in Round 1 at 2'43'' (Referee Jesús Arjona)

8- Rafael Calderón won by Unanimous Decision (Referee José Carlos Corona) and now has a record of 6-1

9- Fabiá Sintes won by Unanimous Decision (Referee Jesús Arjona)

10- Federico Fasciano won by Unanimous Decision (Referee José Carlos Corona)

11- Hecher Sosa won by D'arce Choke in Round 2 at 2'39 (Referee Jesús Arjona)


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