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Contrary to what you might think, bandages do not cover the knuckles, but rather keep them in place, as well as the bones and other joints.

The professional bandages are made from an elastic material that allows the mobility of your hands with each of your strikes. Additionally, they have a Velcro fastening so that they fit as tightly as possible around the wrist.

Another important reason why you should always use boxing bandages is that they prevent your gloves from picking up unpleasant odors.


How do you choose the best boxing bandages?


Once we have convinced you of the importance of using bandages for training, the decisive moment comes when you must choose from the wide variety available on the market.

The first thing you need to know is that the bandages used for boxing are the same as those used in MMA or Muay Thai, what differs is the way they are used. Therefore, if you want more options in your bandages, it is important that you buy them long.

If you have small hands, do not overdo it with the length, remember that its purpose is that it fits you without causing pain.

Keep in mind that the bandage will be part of your hands while you strike. Therefore, it is crucial that it adapts to you and not you to it. Comfort is paramount.


Types of bandages based on their material

The main difference between some bandages and others lies in the material from which they are made.

The most basic are cotton bandages. These come in rolls and have a Velcro end.

Without a doubt, for those who train daily, the best boxing bandages are those made of cotton, because they are more durable and washable.

If you want to bet on this type of bandage, the best cotton boxing bandages we can recommend from MMA style are the Venum, very comfortable, available in various sizes and colors.

When it comes to applying boxing bandages, they are not the simplest. In fact, you will need the help of a partner to ensure an effective grip.

If you are a professional, the best boxing bandages are the elastic ones.

Elastic boxing bandages are much quicker to apply and they always keep the bones and joints in place, as cotton bandages deteriorate over time and become looser.

Some people think they are too tight, but like everything in life, it is a matter of taste, so you should value your comfort.

At MMA Style, we recommend you opt for semi-elastic Buddha boxing bandages, ideal for a professional wrap.



How are boxing bandages applied?


Now that you have chosen from the best boxing bandages and you have yours, the hardest part comes: putting them on.

Knowing how to apply boxing bandages is not an easy task. Here we explain step by step what you need to do to apply them:

  • Start by turning the wrist three times to protect the tendons and then proceed with the bandage upwards.
  • Wrap the knuckle part, leaving more fabric so that area is cushioned.
  • Once you reach the finger area, you can place the bandage between them.
  • You can add some tape to ensure a better grip.

Do not risk your safety and health by not choosing between the best boxing bandages or not knowing how to apply them. Bet on MMA Style and you will have the best boxing equipment at your disposal.

Author: Francisco Serafín



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