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Are you planning to start training at home? If so, you're probably interested in knowing what the best punching bags are for your workouts.

Choosing a good punching bag from all the market options is definitely not easy. But as with everything, there's nothing that's inherently better or worse; it's about finding what suits your needs.

In this post, we want to show you what to consider when making your purchase and highlight some of the best punching bags available on the market.


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Punching Bags?


When selecting boxing equipment, choosing the right bag is crucial.

Some people opt to fill their own punching bag, but if you prefer to buy one, here's what to keep in mind:
⇨ Consider which filling material you prefer. This will affect the impact feel you prefer and the type of punching bag training you do.
⇨ The material of the cover will also impact how you strike the punching bag, as the sensation upon impact will vary. Prices will differ depending on the material, with vinyl, leather, or canvas being the most common.
⇨ When choosing a type of punching bag, think about where you'll place it first.
⇨ Check your weight before buying a punching bag. It's best if the bag weighs half as much as you.
⇨ If you plan to fill the bag yourself, it's better to get one with a zipper for easier filling.


What Types of Punching Bags Are There?


Once you know what to consider, you'll need to know the different types of punching bags to make the best choice.

Regardless of the padding and the material of the cover, the available types of punching bags are:


Hanging Punching Bags - Ideal for Large Spaces


These are commonly seen in training rooms and gyms. They may not be the most suitable for home use unless you have enough space and a dedicated room for your punching bag workouts.

They are usually suspended from the ceiling or attached to a wall. Their major advantage is that they sway more upon impact, providing a more realistic feel and allowing you to work on movement coordination.

Moreover, the weight is evenly distributed, enabling you to focus more on technique and strength development.


Stand-Up Punching Bags: Ideal for Space Saving


Unlike hanging bags, these are favored by those who want to train at home and have limited space. They can be stored out of sight when not in use.

Although convenient, they may not be the best punching bags as the weight distribution isn't as even as hanging models, and they tend to move more, which could be problematic for practicing kicks.


Muay Thai Bag


For martial arts enthusiasts, these bags offer clear advantages in training with a punching bag.

They are thinner and longer than traditional bags, specifically designed for practicing kicks and slightly heavier than others.


4 of the Best Punching Bags


Once you've chosen a type of bag, it's time to pick from the best punching bags.


Venum Punching Bags: Highest Quality in Hanging Bags


At MMA Style, we recommend choosing the Venum brand, known for offering top-quality boxing gear.

Our Venum Challenger model is made of leather and features zippers for easy filling, making it highly durable and comfortable to use.

Everlast Heavy Bag


If you prefer a standing bag with a base, Everlast undoubtedly offers one of the best punching bags on the market.

Its base is highly resistant and can be filled with water or sand for stability. Easy to assemble, it's filled with a new-generation foam that absorbs shocks, preventing injuries.


Muay Thai or Other Martial Arts Bag


It's not just boxers who train with bags. In fact, martial arts enthusiasts increasingly seek the best punching bags to perfect their techniques.

As mentioned earlier, martial arts bags like those for Muay Thai are longer, thinner, and heavier, ideal for effective lower body training.

At MMA Style, we recommend our Ringhorns by Venum 1.70 jacket. Shipped full, it's heavier than others to help you improve your technique.


Canvas Punching Bag: Budget-Friendly Option


If you want one of the best punching bags but are on a budget, consider canvas bags.

They offer durability and quality, though the impact feel isn't the same as with leather.

One of the best canvas punching bags is Ringhorns by Venum. Shipped full, it's perfect for working on technique and combos at an affordable price.

With these tips, we hope you can choose from the best punching bags and find the perfect one for your workouts.

If you're unsure about multiple models, at MMA Style, we specialize in boxing and can provide guidance.

Author: Francisco Serafín


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