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Are you going to start training at home? If so, surely you are interested in knowing which are the best punching bags in which you can perform your workouts .

Choose a good punching bag from all the market options it is not easy at all. But as in everything, there is nothing that is better or worse, but not that adapts to your needs.


In this post we want to show you what you should take into account when you go to buy it and what are the best punching bags that you will find on the market.


What to take into account when choosing the best punching bags?

When choosing boxing equipment , choosing a suitable bag is of vital importance.


There are those who choose to stuff their punching bag ,   But if you are one of those who prefer to buy it, you have to take into account the following:
⇨ Take a good look at which filling material you prefer. This characteristic is related to the hitting sensation you like and the type of punching bag training you do.

⇨ The type of fabric will also be a factor in determining how to hit the punching bag , as the hitting sensation will also be different. Depending on what it is, the price will be one or the other. The most common are vinyl, leather, or canvas.

⇨ To choose a type of punching bag , the first thing you will have to think about is where you want to place it.

⇨ See what your weight is before buying a punching bag . The best thing is that it weighs half as much as you.

⇨ If you are going to fill it yourself, it is better that you buy one that has a zipper since it will be easier that way.

What types of punching bags are there?

Once you are clear about what to take into account, to choose between the best punching bags you will have to know what types there are.


Regardless of the padding and the material of the cover, the types of punching bags that are available are :


Hanging punching bags - best for large spaces



It is the one we commonly see in training rooms and gyms. It may not be the most suitable as a punching bag at home , unless you have space and your own room for your punching bag exercises.


They are usually suspended from the ceiling or hung on a wall. Their great advantage is that they swing more when you hit them so the feeling is more realistic and allows you to work on the coordination of your movements .


In addition, the weight is distributed in a balanced way so you can work more on your technique and develop strength.


Stand Up Punching Bags: Best for Saving Space


Unlike the previous ones, this type of bag is the favorite of those who want to train at home and do not have enough space . In fact, they do not always have to be in view and can be stored after use.


Although they can be useful, they are not the best punching bags, since the weight distribution is not as equitable as hanging models and they tend to move more. This can be a problem when practicing kicking.


Muay thai sack


For lovers of martial arts, these types of bags provide clear advantages in their training with a punching bag.


These are thinner and longer bags than traditional ones. They are special for practicing kicks and are a bit heavier than the previous ones.


4 of the best punching bags

Once you have opted for a type of bag, it is time for you to choose between the best punching bags.


Venum punching bags: the highest quality in hanging bags

From MMA Style we recommend that you bet on the Venum brand, one of those that offer the highest quality in boxing materials.


Our Venum Challenger model is made of leather and has zippers to fill it in, making it very resistant and comfortable to use.


Everlast footmuff


If you prefer to train with a standing bag with a base , without a doubt, Everlast has one of the best punching bags on the market.


Its base is very resistant and you can fill it with water or sand so that it fixes well to the ground. Its assembly is very simple and it is filled with a new generation foam that absorbs shocks and prevents injuries.


Bag for Muay Thai or other martial arts

It's not just boxers who train with bags. In fact, it is becoming more and more common to find martial arts lovers looking for the best punching bags to help them perfect their techniques.


As we have mentioned before, boxing bags for martial arts such as Muay Thai are characterized by being longer, thinner and with more weight , to effectively train the lower body.


From the MMA style we recommend our Ringhorns by Venum 1.70 jacket . This type of bag is shipped full, it is heavier than the previous ones to facilitate you to improve your technique.


Canvas punching bag: the lowest cost option


If you want to buy one of the best punching bags, but are also looking for an inexpensive option , you can bet on canvas bags.


They have a lot of durability and quality, although the hitting sensation is not exactly the same as in leather.


One of the best canvas punching bags is Ringhorns by Venum . It is shipped full and is perfect to work your technique and your combos at the best price.


With all these tips, we hope you choose among the best punching bags and find the ideal one for your workouts.


If you doubt between several models, from MMA Style we are specialists in boxing and we can advise you.

Author: Francisco Serafín


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