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Choosing the right size for your boxing gloves will allow you to protect yourself when practicing this sport. If you want to get the perfect fit among so many different sizes, you must first know them. It is important that boxing gloves are perfectly suited to your body weight.


Boxing Gloves Sizes


The size of the boxing gloves should adjust to the weight of the wearer. It does not refer to the size of the hand, as many people may think: the stronger the boxer strikes, the more protection he will need, specifically in the joint area, to damp the blows and not injure the hand or the training partner. The power of the blow is usually closely related to the boxer's body weight.

You can find different types of boxing gloves in the market for women, men and children. They come in one size, varying the weight and, with it, the volume. Adult gloves are classified by ounces as follows: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20 ounces. Below are the sizes you can get for yourself.

- 8 OZ boxing glove size:

The 8 ounce size gloves are explicitly used in professional competitions. That way, 8 ounces are among the lightest boxing gloves sizes you have available on the market today.

- 10 OZ boxing gloves size

10 ounce gloves are the most used in competitions, both amateur and professional. It is easy to find this heavier size in some gyms where the teacher is not very strict with the equipment.
- 12 OZ and 14 OZ boxing gloves sizes

For safety reasons, these are the most used sizes in the practice of boxing. If your weight does not exceed 80 kg and you carry out a normal (non-professional) workout, they will be the most suitable sizes.

- 16 OZ boxing gloves size:

In the case of 16 ounce gloves, they are recommended for people whose weight exceeds the average, between 80 and 95 kg. Because of this weight, they should wear gloves that do not cause excessive damage to the opponent during practice, especially if their weight is less than yours.

- 18 and 20 OZ boxing gloves size

It is the least common size of boxing gloves. And it is intended for people who exceed 95 kg in weight. In the case of the 20-ounce measure, it is generally used to train boxers in the heavyweight category, because due to its size and weight, it allows them to exercise the muscles that are applied during the blow.

Details to consider


The size of the gloves you must choose also varies according to how you'll use them. If you practice sparring, it is recommended that they be large, as this will prevent injuries; however, for more technical or plastron training, you can choose a smaller size, if you feel more comfortable that way.

Also, remember that if you are going to do a lot of bag practice, the bigger the glove, the less the joint protection zone will wear out and therefore the glove will last longer


An interesting fact!

With this information, it will be easier to obtain the required boxing gloves size. In addition, you will enjoy all the mobility and reliability that this practice requires. However, you may be asking yourself where you can get the ideal gloves. In MMA Style, we have a variety of gloves, sizes and brands like Venum, Buddha, Leone or Twins, among others.

In addition, we have gloves for professionals and beginners. Do not wait any longer and contact us so we can advise you on the size of your boxing gloves and any other boxing equipment. We will be happy to help you.



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