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Boxing is known for being one of the most complete disciplines, and we are not surprised, since by practicing it you will make all your muscles work, you will learn to control your breathing, you will improve your agility, you will see how your resistance increases and, in addition, it is very beneficial for the cardiovascular system.

But this type of combat has several styles from which you can choose, so before you start buying your new boxing accessories it is important that you are clear about what type of boxing you are going to practice.

english boxing

This type of boxing is one of the most practiced and is among the Olympic disciplines. Perfect for those who want to learn to defend themselves, those looking for a sport to release stress and future athletes who are starting out in this contact discipline, its fights are divided into rounds of three minutes each in the case of men. and two for women.

To practice this type of boxing in which only punches are authorized and holding your opponent is prohibited, you will only need boxing gloves, boxing boots and a protective helmet.

French boxing

Recommended for those who are beginning to train and ideal for letting off steam and releasing tension, this type of boxing is also known as savate boxing. It consists of a fight that can end quickly with a knockout, but which otherwise will be divided into rounds where violence or strong blows will not be valid.

In this variety in which the movements of the feet play a fundamental role, the necessary equipment will be gloves, boxing shoes, a boxing mouthguard and a breastplate to protect the chest.

Thai boxing or muay thai

Very complete, because it uses the entire body as a weapon, it is much more violent than any other boxing variant. With the possibility of holding or pushing the opponent, this type of boxing in which fists, feet, knees or elbows can be used is also known by the art name of the eight limbs.

If this sport catches your attention, you should keep in mind that to practice it you will need specific clothing and protection that you can find in our Muay Thai store.

Kick boxing

Of Japanese origin, this sport mixes boxing and French boxing punches with typical karate kicks. In this type of boxing it is possible to use your fists, your feet and even kneel, making this variety one of the most complete. Practicing it will allow you to improve speed, precision, strength and endurance.

Buy the kickboxing equipment you need and enjoy all the benefits of this sport.

shadow boxing

Alone and without the risk of your rival hitting you, this is shadow boxing, a type of boxing that is practiced without having an opponent in front of you. Combining cardio with the technical part of boxing, this modality focuses on movements. To practice it you can choose to hit the air or use a punching bag.


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