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Choosing boxing gloves that are the most suitable for you is a complex task. Before making a decision you must consider several aspects so that you get the gloves that you are wanting so much. In this guide we will tell you all the aspects that you must take into account to be successful with the purchase.

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Recommendations for choosing boxing gloves

When you are going to choose boxing gloves we have to take into account a series of recommendations and especially if we are first timers. What you should take into account the most is what function you are going to use the glove for. In the market you can get from gloves for sparring to training.

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What you should know is that you need a pair of gloves that are comfortable and tight. In this way you will receive comfort and confidence in your hands from the beginning you start to use them, either in your first fight or during training.

Types of boxing gloves

Choosing boxing gloves is a fun activity, however, it is important that you know what models exist on the market. This will help you get an idea of what you are going to get and what each one is used for. Learn all about the types of gloves and their uses!

Training gloves

For training, choosing boxing gloves is a great choice. This type of glove is used to train various disciplines, especially boxing. For this reason, they have a standard model and it is essential for every professional in contact sports. Unlike professional gloves, these use a velcro to fit your wrist.

Aerobics gloves

When we talk about aerobics gloves we mean a garment that is used to hit speed bags. But also, to perform aerobic combat. Their design is less resistant than that of training or bag gloves. So, you can choose aerobic boxing gloves for exercises with little physical demand.

Competition gloves

Before choosing boxing gloves for competition, you should know that these have smaller models than the conventional ones. The reason is that they must adapt perfectly to the hand of the athletes who use it.

So they are made to measure models and with a series of very interesting colors and designs that you will love. Knowing this will help you choose the perfect and suitable boxing gloves for you and your fights.

Sack gloves

So you can train as it should, you need hitting the punching bag , this will help you with your technique. Therefore, you will need a glove that is padded, with enough padding. Which will prevent you from injuring your hand during training. Hence, the importance of choosing high quality and useful boxing gloves.

Materials for making boxing gloves

When choosing boxing gloves, you must be clear about what material you are looking for. It is very important that you choose the right one based on the type of training you practice. Next, we will show you what material boxing training gloves are made of:


Gloves made of vinyl are the ones that are used very often by people who are just starting out in boxing. It is not a highly recommended material, as it wears easily and could injure your hand. So, before choosing boxing gloves, check what material it is made of.


In Leatherette there are 3 varieties of this material. The first is the low-quality one and looks a lot like vinyl. That means that it wears out easily and has low prices. The second variety is the mid-range . This has a good performance and is the most recommended for those who are beginning to train boxing.

The last of the diversity of Leatherette ranges is the high-end . They have an excellent quality for competitors. The price is much higher than the two previous options. Therefore, you have several alternatives to choose boxing gloves.


PVC gloves are low quality and not very comfortable for boxers. They are also easily damaged. Therefore it is not a good decision to choose boxing gloves made of this material.


Gloves made from buffalo, goat or cow leather are extremely resistant and are often used by professionals. The comfort and the way it fits in the hand makes it the number 1 glove. This is the quality you need when choosing perfect and durable boxing gloves.

Aspects to consider about boxing gloves

Boxing training gloves have various aspects that make them unique. Also these should be taken into account before choosing boxing gloves for you. Learn about some of the general characteristics.

Types of closure and formats

On the market there are training gloves that have a velcro closure or lace closure. The first is ideal for daily training and the second for professional competitions.

They also have 3 types of formats, the first is the one that leaves the hand semi-open. As for the second, it is the one that forces the hand to close and the third has the thumb bent. When opting for boxing gloves there are several options according to your requirements.

Quality of padding, design and seams

Among the types of gloves we can find those that are filled with foam or gel. The denser they are, the better for the competitor. As for the design, the most conventional in boxing is the red one, which is very striking. You can also buy boxing gloves with double stitching, which will guarantee a long life.

In MMA Style we have everything you need for your contact sports practices. Therefore, ask no more how to buy boxing gloves . On our website you have the best implements especially from the Venum brand . You simply have to contact us and purchase the product of your choice.


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