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Features of BJJ kimonos for competition

Features of BJJ kimonos for competition

Learn the IBJJF rules on Jiu Jitsu kimonos: allowed colors, materials, dimensions and more to compete successfully.


Colors Allowed in Jiu Jitsu Kimonos


According to IBJJF regulations, kimonos must be completely white, blue or black, including variations such as navy blue. Kimono with jackets and pants of different colors or with collars of a different color than the jacket are not accepted.


Materials and Manufacturing


Kimonos should be made of cotton or similar material, avoiding excessively thick or hard fabrics that prevent grip. For youth, adult, master and senior categories, the use of kimonos made of braided cotton is mandatory.


Kimono Conditions


Kimonos must be in good condition, without rips, patches, tears, moisture, dirt or unpleasant odors.


Restrictions and Prohibitions


  • The use of rashguards under the kimono is not permitted, except in the women's category.
  • The use of pants (spats) under kimono pants is prohibited.
  • Prohibition of rings, jewelry, piercings, watches and other accessories that may cause injury.
  • The use of joint protectors that make it difficult to grip the kimono is not permitted.


Important Kimono Dimensions


  • The jacket should reach the thighs and the sleeves should be 5 cm from the wrists with the arms extended.
  • The pants must reach 5 cm above the ankle.
  • Kimono collar, sleeve and belt specifications.


Patches and Prints on the Kimono


  • Restrictions on the use of painted kimonos, except for academy or sponsor logos in authorized places.
  • Regulations on patches and labels on kimonos.

It is crucial to follow these regulations to avoid disqualifications in competitions. Invest in quality Jiu Jitsu kimonos approved by the IBJJF.

Source of images and part of the text: IBJJF official regulations .

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