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History of boxing in Barcelona

History of boxing in Barcelona

The history of boxing in Barcelona is as rich as it is exciting, dating back to its first days in the 19th century until it became a consolidated and respected sport in the region. This journey through time takes us to know the key figures, the momentous events and how Barcelona has positioned itself on the international boxing map.

Origins and First Steps

It all began in 1876, when a sailor from Mahón, crew member of a British ship, introduced the basics of boxing to a local disciple named Bergé. The latter imparted his knowledge in a modest room in Barceloneta, marking the beginning of the boxing tradition in the city. Over the years, various gyms and clubs emerged, such as the Barcelona Boxing Club in 1910 and the Pugilista Club in 1913, both pioneers in the organization of public evenings and in the promotion of boxing in the Catalan capital.

Consolidation and Boom

The 1920s witnessed a notable growth of boxing in Barcelona, with the creation of the Spanish Boxing Federation in 1921, under the presidency of Ramon Larruy. This period also saw the appearance of numerous gyms, the holding of competitions and the arrival of prominent boxers who enriched the sporting landscape. Barcelona thus became a European benchmark for boxing, just behind Paris, hosting multiple championships and receiving great sports figures.

Challenges and Resurgence

Despite facing prohibitions and difficulties, such as the banned practice of boxing in 1914 or the challenges imposed by the Civil War and World War II, Barcelona's combative spirit never wavered. The city continued to host events and produce champions, keeping the flame of boxing alive even in the most difficult of times.

The Modern Era

Going into recent decades, Barcelona has continued to be a nerve center for boxing, with the presence of prestigious gyms and the organization of international caliber events. Despite the ups and downs, the passion for boxing remains intact, with a new generation of boxers and trainers committed to taking the sport to new horizons.

Boxing Barcelona: Tradition and Future

In short, boxing in Barcelona is more than a sport; It is a deep-rooted tradition, a testament to resilience and a source of inspiration to many. With a history rich in events, characters and achievements, Barcelona has not only left an indelible mark on Spanish boxing, but also on the international scene. As the city continues to create champions, the legacy of boxing in Barcelona promises to continue growing, attracting fans and athletes from around the world.

MMA style

The evolution of boxing in Barcelona welcomes a new player on the scene: MMA Style . Initially launched as an online boxing store in 2012, Estilo MMA has expanded its presence to the physical world, opening its doors in 2023 at 138 Galileu Street, in the vibrant area of Sants. This new establishment not only offers top-notch equipment for boxing and MMA enthusiasts, but also becomes a point


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