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How is Brazilian jiu jitsu scored?

How is Brazilian jiu jitsu scored?

The scoring system in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a fundamental aspect of the sport that both competitors and fans must understand. This system rewards fighters for achieving certain positions and performing specific techniques during a match, thus reflecting their mastery and effectiveness in the martial art.


Points for Control Positions


Points in BJJ are awarded primarily for reaching and maintaining positions of control over the opponent. These positions include mount, past guard, and side control, among others. For example, passing the opponent's guard and controlling their torso can be worth 3 points, while achieving a mounted position can be worth 4 points.


Points for Knockdowns and Scrapes


Takedowns and sweeps are also scoring actions in BJJ. A successful takedown, where a competitor takes the opponent to the ground from a standing position, can award 2 points. Similarly, performing a scrape, which involves reversing position from guard to get on top of the opponent, can also be worth 2 points.


Advantages and Penalties


In addition to points, the BJJ scoring system includes advantages and penalties. An advantage is awarded for a near-successful completion attempt or for reaching a scoring position without establishing full control. Penalties are given for illegal actions or passivity. These elements can decide the winner in case of a tie on points.




Although the scoring system is crucial, the main objective in BJJ is to win by finishing, applying a technique that forces the opponent to surrender. Finishes can be achieved via joint locks or chokes, and do not rely on the points system to define the winner.

Understanding the scoring system in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is essential to appreciating the strategy and technique involved in this sport. For both competitors and spectators, knowing how points are awarded helps them follow competitions with greater understanding and appreciation.


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