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How to choose and care for your boxing helmet?

How to choose and care for your boxing helmet?


Basic Design


The basic design of a boxing helmet consists of a layer of padding that surrounds your head. It covers the forehead, temples, ears, and the back of the skull, and can typically be adjusted in three different places: under the chin, at the back of the head, and on top.


Types of Helmets


Are you looking for a helmet to compete or train? Competition helmets incorporate less padding, making them lighter and less bulky. Training ones usually have thicker padding for greater protection during intense sessions.


Face Covering Options


Helmets can offer different levels of facial protection. Cheek protectors are the simplest form of additional protection. You can also find helmets with face bars or mouth and chin guards, which offer more complete protection.


Helmet Adjustment


The helmet should fit securely but comfortably. Typical adjustment systems include chin straps, and adjustments at the back and top of the helmet. It is important that the helmet stays in place during training or competition, but not too tight.




Choosing the right boxing headgear is a crucial step for your safety in the ring. We hope this guide has provided you with clear insight to make an informed choice. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at

You can see our helmets by clicking on this image:


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