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How to choose shin guards for muay thai and mma

How to choose shin guards for muay thai and mma

In principle, it is advisable to choose the appropriate shin guards for the contact sport that we practice, although more and more versatile shin guards are being manufactured that adapt to various styles. Muay Thai type shin guards can be used to do MMA but when going to the ground they will not be too comfortable to grappling, while MMA type shin guards are usually very comfortable, they never turn when stopping or giving a low kick but they tend to be softer than kick boxing or muay thai. Depending on where the blows of each sport are more concentrated, the shin pads will carry more protection in one place or another.

Muay Thai and kick boxing shin guards:

They are usually made of semi-leather, since it is very resistant and with good value for money. Since they absorb many blows and are very powerful, it is advisable to choose good shin guards before regretting after possible injuries

They are normally closed with velcro at the back of the calf and the ankle. It is very important that they are tight, otherwise they will turn around continuously

Normally, sizes are usually size M up to 1.80, size L up to 1.88 and size XL for more than 1.88 (Most brands do not manufacture size S for shin guards). The size of the calf also influences, since it must be able to close without disturbing. In all shin guards you will find a size guide

Examples of shin guards for Muay Thai:

Shin Guards Buddha King - The most sold in Spain for 10 years for its sober design and its unbeatable value for money. They are made of semi-leather, with double velcro closure, available in various colors in sizes M, L and XL. Price € 39.95. You can find them here


Venum Challenger Shin Guards - Venum is undoubtedly the reference brand today in contact sports. This is your mid-range shin guard, made of synthetic leather, with high-density foam between shin and instep, handmade in Thailand, price € 59.95, you can find them here


Venum Elite Shin Guards - One notch higher in terms of quality, it is difficult to find better shin guards, made of skintex leather and handcrafted in Thailand. Price € 99.95. You can see them here


Shin guards for MMA:

As we have said before, they are usually softer than Muay Thai but much more comfortable, since they must allow grappling on the ground without disturbing us. Most of the mid-range are usually one size and since they are sock type they usually adapt well to almost any type of leg. Although they are softer, the blows do not hurt but they do feel entering, which should not be a bad thing unless you have an injury

Examples of shin guards for MMA:

Venum Kontact Shin Guards - The most sold by far over the others. They are 100% cotton, one size fits all and available in various colors. Price € 24.95, you can see them here


Venum 360 Shin Guards - Has the comfort of MMA shin guards and the toughness of Muay Thai shin guards. Made of premium leather. Price € 87.95, you can see them here



In order for them to last as long as possible, it is advisable to never leave them wet in the sports bag, to always dry them, not to leave them in the sun for a long time and not to use abrasive products



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