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How to make boxing bandage

How to make boxing bandage

How to make boxing bandage

If you are ready to train or fight in the ring, taping your hands is crucial to protect you from injury. In this detailed tutorial, we will guide you if you don't know how to make the boxing wrap through each step to properly secure your hands before punching.


Step 1:

Wrap the bandage around your wrist three times for a solid base.

Step 2:

Direct the bandage upward, running it over the back of the hand and between the fingers.

Step 3:

Wrap around the wrist again to secure.

Step 4:

Continue wrapping around the palm of your hand, covering the knuckles evenly.

Step 5:

Cross the bandage over the top of your hand.

Step 6:

Bring the bandage down, passing it under your palm and around your knuckles.

Step 7:

Wraps the knuckles and wrist in a cross pattern for added support.

Step 8:

Finish by securing the bandage with a firm knot around the wrist.

Step 9:

Adjust the bandage for secure but comfortable support, and you'll be ready to hit with confidence!


With this proper bandage , you will be prepared to face any challenge in the ring! But, first of all, do you know which bandage is ideal for you? In case you don't know, check out the different types of bandages you can have to start in the best way.


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