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How to put on boxing bandages?

How to put on boxing bandages?

Using a bandage under boxing gloves is essential to achieve an optimal fit, avoid injuries to the wrist, knuckles and thumb, or simply as a hygiene measure against sweat.

But if you're still a newbie to this contact sport, you may need help putting on the bandage properly. Therefore, we explain the steps you have to follow to put on your boxing bandage .

Insert your thumb into the hole in the bandage

At the end of the bandage, on the opposite side of the Velcro, you will find a hole where you should insert your thumb. Then, start bandaging the back of the hand. You must make sure that the pressure exerted by the bandage is just enough and necessary to provide protection without going to the point of cutting off blood supply.

Roll up the wrist and hand

Now that you have wrapped the bandage behind your hand, you need to wrap it around your wrist several times. Then, repeat the process on the palm, leaving the fingers free. The normal thing is to wrap the bandage two or three times in each area, although it will depend on the length of your bandage.

Tuck the bandage between your fingers to cover the knuckles

Now is the time to protect one of the most sensitive points in boxing punches: the knuckles. With the excess bandage, pass it between your fingers starting with the gap between the little finger and the ring finger. It is about forming a kind of “x” on each finger. When you have completed the process, repeat it a couple more times for greater protection. Don't forget the thumb!

Bandage your hand again

Your hand and wrist are already bandaged. Now repeat the bandage with the remaining part of the bandage starting from the inside of the wrist and crossing it diagonally towards the outside of the hand.

Secure the bandage

When you don't have any more bandage, you just have to secure it using the Velcro. This should be in the wrist area.


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