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Martial arts most practiced in Spain

Martial arts most practiced in Spain
In Spain, martial arts have experienced a notable boom from the mid-20th century to date, becoming a favorite choice for both sporting activity and self-defense. The 2015 Sports Habits Survey revealed that 2.8% of the Spanish population practices some form of martial art, with a greater inclination towards the male gender. This phenomenon can be attributed to the historical relationship of martial arts with war conflicts and its predominant practice among men.

Prevalence of Karate and Judo

Karate and judo emerge as the most followed disciplines, marking a milestone in the preference of Spaniards. This phenomenon is due, in large part, to the early introduction of these arts in the country, which facilitated their dissemination and the establishment of a solid base of practitioners and followers.

Judo in Spain: A Journey from Japan

Judo, known as "the path to flexibility", was introduced to Spain in the mid-20th century by Japanese judokas. This art, created by Jigorō Kanō in 1882, quickly found its place in the hearts of the Spanish, thanks to the creation of federations and associations that promoted its practice and teaching. Today, judo is not only popular for its physical and psychological techniques and benefits, but also for its notable performance in Olympic and world competitions.

Karate-Do: The Empty Hand that Conquered Spain

Karate, or karate-do, has its origins in the 16th century in the Ryūkyū Islands, but its official arrival in Spain dates back only about fifty years ago. Through oriental masters and the formation of the National Karate Department, this discipline gained popularity, culminating in the holding of the 1st World Championship in Madrid in 1980, where Spain shone on the world stage. Today, with more than 65,000 members, Spain is consolidating itself as a power in global karate.

Boxing: A Combat Legacy

Boxing, despite its age and controversies, has managed to find its place in Spain. Since its official beginnings in 1875 in Barcelona, this art has overcome ups and downs, positioning itself as a firm option for those interested in martial arts and contact sports.

Taekwondo and Other Booming Styles

Taekwondo, aikido, hapkido, kendo, tai chi, kickboxing, kyokushinkai, goshin, and kung fu are also popular in Spain, each providing its own philosophy, techniques and benefits. From self-defense to spiritual development, these styles complement the rich martial arts offering in the country.

Conclusions and Perspectives

Martial arts in Spain not only represent a diversity of disciplines from different cultures, but also a reflection of their acceptance and adaptation in Spanish society. From judo and karate to more modern or lesser-known styles, Spain stands out for its commitment to the practice and promotion of these arts. With every punch, kick and movement, martial arts continue to flourish in Spain, promoting values of discipline, respect and self-improvement.


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