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Rigid or sock-type shin guards for MMA?

Rigid or sock-type shin guards for MMA?

We should always ask our instructor what he would recommend, because some have an inclination for a specific model and others for another, due to the great demand in the market and endless technical specifications in styles and manufactured materials. Once you tell us the model, we have to evaluate price, comfort and, above all, quality.

In the market, as we have mentioned previously, there are different pioneering brands and all of them have different models. There are different models but above all there is the rigid shin guard model and the fabric or tubular model, as it is usually called.

The rigid model

It consists of a tibia protection along its entire length and a protection in the instep area of the foot, thus preventing any unnecessary blows in both areas. It is true that since it is a rigid material, although it has a soft area in the hitting area to have better shock absorption, it is not comfortable when working hand-to-hand, this model being highly recommended for contact sports but without grips. nor ground techniques. That is, for MMA practice we do not recommend it due to its rigidity even though it has greater protection.

The tubular model

Also called a sock model, we have to make it clear that it is not a rigid protection but at the same time its impact absorption capacity is much lower than rigid models because it only has a mesh and a foam in the front area of the sock. tibia and instep. Its fit is more comfortable and more effective because it adapts perfectly to the leg and has very reduced mobility in the leg since it is made of elastic mesh material. This type of protection is used in contact sports for people with an average level (because the protection is minimal) and for MMA lovers since, when they adapt to the leg, they are very comfortable and do not interrupt ground techniques.

Other models

There are other models made of neoprene where comfort is already optimal and they have very high durability. These models are the ones that best fit the leg and instep area since the material is very elastic and moldable. The protection is like the tubular ones, which is minimal with an inner rubber that is not very dense, hence the protection will be lower than the rigid one.

Once we have the clearest ideas, knowing the material that each model has, we can choose the one that best suits our fighting needs, whether comfort but less protection or more rigidity and greater protection.

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