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What is sparring in boxing?

Sparring in boxing is a word that comes from the English language. The main root is the expression “SPAR”, which literally means to fight against other people who serve as opponents. This means that sparring is a partner that helps in training boxing matches .
Its function is nothing more than to train the boxers with great technique and realism. These are usually used a few weeks before the boxing match. Unlike a trainer, this expert fights with the other person as realistically as if he were his opponent in combat. This allows you to polish skills, movements and techniques.
The word sparring within the boxing school can refer to 2 things. The first is the physical activity itself, but also the specialist who carries out the activity . In the popular jargon of this discipline, it is also known as “Making gloves.”


Benefits of sparring in boxing

The benefits of sparring in boxing are many. In this preparation, boxing training is done with 2 objectives. The main one is that it works the physical part of the competitors. They learn to control live the location of space within the ring. In addition, they manage to better master breathing, sharpen reflexes and learn to use strategies correctly.

Boxing classes carrying out this practice will also help you improve round times. Including that you have the possibility to strive to improve rhythm, resistance and correct common mistakes.

But the expert not only strives to polish the aspects already mentioned, but also mental agility. We are referring to decision making and recognizing the opponent's reactions. Which helps professional boxing to be performed with great precision.


How to select a sparring partner in boxing

To spar in boxing, you need a person who has the appropriate physical and mental conditions for this. However, it is important to look for boxers who perform in boxing games like the opponent. For example, that they are both left-handed or that they have the same skills and abilities.

Acting in the aforementioned way will help you work on the aspects that can harm you in a real fight. That is why professionals sometimes consider it as a litmus test that they must overcome.



When is sparring needed in boxing?

Sparring in boxing is necessary at all times in the active life of a boxer. But especially a few weeks before a meeting. This professional does not teach how to box but how to use the techniques on a daily basis. Although there are conventional means to train, such as the sandbag, it is not enough for you to achieve excellence.

Therefore, athletes who know the rules of boxing in depth are used. However, those who perform this task best are the boxers themselves. That is why almost all of them are professional fighters who sometimes act as sparring partners.

This training is known as one of the most complete for users. It will allow you to know yourself and manage yourself optimally within the ring. Therefore, it is incredibly useful that you turn to services like these.


Equipment for sparring in boxing

In boxing, a series of equipment is used that takes care of your life and that of your partner. This same principle is also used in boxing sparring. While two skilled boxers are in combat, both must be protected with helmets , gloves, mouth guards, bandages and shells.

By handling protective accessories in boxing sparring, the athlete adapts to handle himself better in the ring. In this way, you will be able to achieve greater agility and skills during a contact confrontation. At Estilo MMA we have all the necessary equipment for boxing.


Ways to prepare for boxing sparring

To participate in professional boxing training you must have the basic ideas and knowledge that this sport requires. This has to be known by beginners and experts in the sector. Some of the ways to prepare are by putting the following into practice:


Safe and consistent hits

While sparring is taking place, it is important for competitors to hit strong and confident blows. If you get used to working like this, it will be possible in the future to minimize the risk of suffering an injury. In this way we guarantee good action in the ring.



During boxing training it is essential that the competitor is completely concentrated. This will allow you to think carefully about the movements you should make. But you must especially work on relaxation. This will help you ensure that external factors do not distract you at any time.


sparring in boxing

Eye contact

While you are sparring you should keep your eyes focused on your opponent. In this way, you will be able to see and perceive what their next move will be and thus anticipate responding.


Analyze the opponent

When you analyze the opponent you know what their way of fighting is like in the ring. Therefore, the smartest thing to do is to observe it first and start by counterattacking. The most advisable thing is not to start the fight with aggression but with observation.


Good posture

To train in sparring it is essential that you maintain good posture. In this way the strategies are carried out in a better way and the results are more positive.


Boxing gloves


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