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Martial Arts focus on self-defense and subduing attackers, organizing their techniques and tactics into structured systems that are perfected with continuous training. Beyond the physical, these disciplines promote a philosophy and a lifestyle, instilling moral values that contribute to personal and mental development and self-confidence.

Diversity of Styles, Arts and Schools

Martial Arts encompass a wide range of styles that go beyond traditional Chinese, Japanese or Korean schools, including arts from places such as Russia or Israel. Geography marks the diversity of these practices, with each region contributing its own specialty to the martial world.

According to its origin

Asian martial arts are widely recognized and practiced, but countries such as Israel with Krav Maga or Brazil with jiu-jitsu have developed their own versions, often fusing techniques from different arts.

Soft or Hard Styles

Soft styles, such as Aikido, focus on unbalancing the opponent by using the force of the attack against them, while hard styles, such as Karate, seek to confront the opponent's strength with their own strength.

Complete or Not Complete

A complete martial art includes striking, kicking, throwing, and vital point manipulations, while others may specialize in specific areas of combat.

With or without weapons

Some martial arts, such as Iaidō, focus on weapon handling, while others, such as Karate, are practiced empty-handed.

According to the Teaching System

Martial arts can follow Japanese tradition (Koryu Budo), adapt to modern times with a sporting approach (Gendai Budo) or combine techniques from different schools (eclectic martial arts).

How to Train Martial Arts?

Training is divided into technique and combat, with technique focusing on learning movements and combat on practical application. Depending on the art, technical training and sparring may have specific names such as kata, poomse or sparring.

What Martial Art Should You Practice?

Choosing a martial art should be based on what makes you most comfortable and what you enjoy practicing. Your first style will mark the basis of your martial path, although you can explore and practice many others.

Choice of Gym or School

It is important to choose a professional and accessible center, with a relaxed atmosphere, diverse students and a strong sense of camaraderie. Always consult your doubts with the person in charge or SENSEI before making a decision.


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