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What are pads used for in Muay Thai?

What are pads used for in Muay Thai?
All about Muay Thai Pads: Use and Selection Guide

What Are Muay Thai Pads?

Muay Thai pads are essential tools in martial arts, used to train strikes with elbows, knees, tiips and shin strikes. Unlike other fighting styles, the pads in Muay Thai are designed to withstand a wider range of techniques and intense strikes.

Types of Paos in Muay Thai

There are several types of pads used in Muay Thai and MMA. The most common are rectangular pads, also known as Thai pads, designed to absorb strong blows and provide a clear target. Additionally, there are belly pads and chest protectors, as well as leg shields, each adapted for specific techniques.

Tips for Choosing the Right Cloths

Choosing the right pad depends on several factors such as weight, height, and training style. It is important to consider the quality of the material, the size and the shock absorption capacity to ensure an effective and safe workout.

Importance of Paos in Training

Paos are not only essential for practicing strikes and techniques, but are also crucial for developing reflexes, coordination and fighting strategy in Muay Thai.

Stay tuned for future posts for expert reviews on the best Muay Thai pads and purchasing tips to improve your martial arts training.

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