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What does OSS mean in martial arts?

What does OSS mean in martial arts?

In the universe of Japanese martial arts , the word " Oss " or " Osu " resonates frequently. This term, made up of two Chinese ideograms, reflects concepts such as the fighting spirit, bravery, perseverance and patience necessary to overcome adversity, always maintaining a positive perspective and a high spirit.

The exact origin of this expression remains a mystery. Curiously, in Okinawa, considered the birthplace of Karate, it is not customary to use this term. Historical records suggest that "Osu" may have been initially adopted at the Imperial Japanese Navy Officer Academy at the dawn of the 20th century, thus linking the expression to values of group unity, virility, and military discipline.

"Osu" is recognized as a sign of respect, empathy and trust. Traditionally, it was pronounced when entering and leaving the practice space, when greeting the instructor or classmates, or when assimilating a teaching. Over time, its use has expanded to replace common expressions such as "thank you", "my pleasure", "goodbye", "okay" and "I understand", thus serving as an abbreviated greeting.

Currently, the use of the term "Oss" is a cause of debate, especially among practitioners of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA . The inappropriate and often trivial use of the word outside the context of practice is criticized, which is considered a deviation from its original meaning and purpose.


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