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Aikido is a Japanese martial art that is based on combat to confront one or more adversaries, who can be unarmed or armed. It is about uniting physical and mental energies and harmonizing the individual with the rest of the universe to achieve comprehensive development.

It serves as self-defense if applied appropriately at the right times, and although it has a sporting part, it is an activity that tries to improve individuals physiologically.

So, if you are thinking about signing up for classes in this discipline, in addition to having the material to practice aikido, it is important that you know some aspects such as what aikido is and what it is for.

Aikido philosophy

Aikido is a very complete martial art, since in addition to being useful to defend oneself in case of aggression, it allows the person to develop from different points of view such as physical, energetic or mental.

The name is made up of the three syllables AI-KI-DO and each one of them tries to communicate something different.

  • AI means union or harmony, achieving a relationship between all parts of the individual.
  • KI refers to energy or spirit, to trying to learn to channel the forces within us.
  • DO tries to convey the path to follow, that is, the personal commitment that a person has when deciding to practice this sport.

Basic aikido techniques

The development of the aikido technique involves the study of imbalances, the use of energy and knowledge and the extensive development of reflexes. Within the techniques that are learned we can find a great variety.

In any case, it is very important to know that these are learned to neutralize the opponent, not to harm them.

You can differentiate between different types of movements: striking attacks, grabs, grabs from behind, base immobilizations, falls...

Some of its basic techniques are the following:

  • Te waza: hand movements
  • Ukemi waza: rolling accompanied by dynamic falls
  • Aiki taiso: body alignment to dislocate joints composed of breathing, displacement, rotation and extension.
  • Tai sabaki: causing a circular movement to escape a rival attack.
  • Shime waza: strangulation technique.
  • Nage waza: release based on creating imbalance.


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