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Bare knuckle, or bare knuckle boxing, is a form of combat that dates back to the oldest roots of boxing. Unlike traditional boxing, which uses gloves to protect the hands and cushion blows, bare knuckle is practiced without any type of protection on the hands, resulting in a cruder combat sport considered by many to be more authentic.

History of the Bare Knuckle

The bare knuckle has a rich history dating back to before the introduction of boxing gloves in the 18th century. Originally, it was a popular form of entertainment in Britain, where combats were held without formal regulations. Over time, the sport evolved, introducing rules that limited certain tactics to protect the health of the fighters.

Rules and Regulations

Despite its seemingly unrestrained nature, modern bare knuckle follows a set of rules designed to ensure the safety of participants. These rules may vary by organization, but commonly include restrictions on allowed strikes and the length of bouts. Additionally, events often have trained medical staff to respond quickly in the event of injuries.

Equipment and Protection

Although fighters do not wear gloves, some competitions allow the use of bandages or tape on the hands to provide a minimum of protection and support. These measures are designed to reduce the risk of cuts and fractures, without compromising the essence of the sport.

Training and Techniques

Bare knuckle training focuses on strengthening the hands and fists, as well as perfecting striking techniques that minimize the risk of injury to the fighter himself. Fighters also develop advanced defensive skills, given the greater chance of suffering forceful blows without the cushioning of gloves.

Popularity and Controversy

In recent years, bare knuckle has seen a resurgence in popularity, with several organizations emerging promoting professional events. However, the sport remains the subject of controversy, with critics concerned about the risks of serious injuries. Despite this, its proponents argue that bare knuckle is as safe as other combat sports, citing the importance of regulations and professional medical care.


Bare knuckle is more than a combat sport; It is a connection to boxing history and a test of human skill, strategy and endurance. As it continues to gain followers around the world, we are likely to see an evolution in its perception and regulation. For combat enthusiasts in its purest form, the bare knuckle offers an unparalleled experience of competition and bravery.


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