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The cauliflower ear or hematoma auris is a pathology typical of fighters of martial arts MMA, wrestling, Sambo or Jiu-Jitsu, among others.

This pathology in the ear has a particular shape, reminiscent of a cauliflower, which is why it is called that way.

How hematoma auris develops

The observation of this alteration began to be carried out in the middle of the 19th century, without knowing exactly why it occurred. In fact, cases of intellectual deficiency and dementia are linked, without having anything to do with it.

Over the years and progress in research, it was learned that cauliflower ear is caused by the formation of blood clots in the area. These clots, caused by strong and repeated impacts, cause the cartilage of the ear to detach from the perichondrium, the layer that surrounds the cartilage and is responsible for providing blood supply and nutrition.

When spending some time without good irrigation, hypoxia and complete loss of nutrition to the cartilage occurs, causing it to be totally inert . As a method of defense, a bruise is formed that gradually swells, creating folds and giving rise to this characteristic silhouette.

This form will be permanent and cannot be reversed, even if the blows to the area cease. Although it is true that in recent years surgical techniques have been developed that aim to eliminate it and make the ear regain its "normal" appearance.

How to avoid the appearance of the cauliflower ear

That is where we come in, in protecting against possible injuries during sports. In the sports that we have discussed, in which the contact is frequent, continuous and intense, it is very difficult to prevent these impacts from occurring.

Thus, the only thing we can cope with is that the impact is less and that the ear is protected so as not to take on this aspect. The use of helmets for the blows, and earmuffs , for continued rubbing will protect you against the appearance of the cauliflower ear.

If detected in early periods, it is possible to drain the clots that form the hematoma auris and make its consequences milder. Certain wrestlers also use compression bandages in the area to keep irrigation going.

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