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Fitboxing is born from the fusion between fitness and boxing, a modality that practically anyone can practice and that is more than positive for physical well-being.

It is practiced in sessions that last between 40 minutes and 1 hour, like a fitness class, and all types of exercises are performed with a boxing bag. Not only are typical boxing moves and strokes performed, but others like kickboxing, Muay Thai, or crossfit are added, so there is more variety in the session and it is more fun.


It is a modality that was born in the United States and is being increasingly implemented in academies around the world. It attracts the attention of many because it is not about guiding the student towards competition, as it happens with all contact sports. It tries to improve your physical condition through aerobic work.

Fitboxing benefits and characteristics


Fitboxing is an all-around sport, suitable for any level of athlete, which allows obtaining benefits at several levels.

  •  At a physical level, complete muscle shaping is achieved. In fitbox sessions, muscle activation occurs throughout the body and this will be felt over time, with progressive toning.

  • The practice of fitboxing will create cardiovascular protection, improving the resistance state of the body, working it aerobically.
  • Mentally improving, fitbox sessions will help you get rid of daily stress and tension. It will be a good way to unburden while practicing sports. Containment of tension will be eliminated with continuous blows on the boxing bag.
  • Fitbox sessions have a pre-established program, a specific warm-up is always carried out beforehand, the intensity is gradually increased to make the fit box exercises more intense. Finally, there will be a progressive return to calm. In the central part, the boxing rounds will be simulated with greater intensity, with others of lesser activation.
  • Fitboxing requires a state of concentration to follow all exercises correctly. It will be a good way to forget the rest of the worries that surround us and to focus on something else during the duration of the class.
  • Anyone who starts with fitboxing is able to find the motivation to keep improving day by day. The desire to have greater intensity in classes every day, overcoming exercises without problems, in order to increase the difficulty. Although having a monitor is very important to achieve this motivation, independently, practically everyone who participates in these sessions can find this motivation.
  • When it comes to group classes, it is a different way to meet new people and socialize while playing sports.

As you have already seen, the benefits of practicing fitboxing are manifold and can be used to great advantage. After starting in this world it will be very difficult to leave it, as every day more lovers of fitboxing seek to take advantage of its advantages.

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