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The term Grappling derives from the English word GRIP and describes a form of fighting that focuses on controlling the opponent without hitting, with the ultimate goal of winning the fight. This form of fighting includes grappling, strangulation and limb dislocation techniques, and is used in various martial arts such as judo, wrestling and jiu-jitsu.

In the field of submission sports, grappling is especially popular, allowing fights to end without forceful blows. Victory by submission can be achieved in several ways:

  • Simple submission (tapeo): This technique involves giving two consecutive taps with the open hand on the opponent's body. It is an internationally accepted surrender code, and the referee must be vigilant to ensure its correct execution.
  • Verbal submission: The athlete can surrender verbally, an option used when it is not possible to tap due to both hands being immobilized. Sometimes the cry of submission is involuntary, but equally valid to stop the fight.
  • Technical submission: This occurs when the applied technique reaches its maximum effectiveness, as in the case of strangulations that can cause the opponent to faint, thus indicating his surrender.

The grappling match typically begins with the participants standing and ends on the ground, using throws, sweeps, and counterlocks to submit the opponent.

Recognized as a hybrid sport, grappling combines both modern and traditional styles of wrestling and martial arts, including Greco-Roman wrestling, Olympic wrestling, sambo and shoot wrestling. In 2006, the International Federation of Associated Wrestling (FILA) officially incorporated it, defining it as a wrestling style that emphasizes control and submission of the opponent without causing injury.

The recommended equipment for grappling includes shorts, which offer great mobility and little friction with the ground, lycra , mouth guard and knee pads.


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