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In the world of martial arts , judo is a very popular discipline that provides a multitude of physical, psychological, educational and self-defense benefits to those who practice it.

It is a sport that is performed in pairs, in which each fighter (called judoka) tries to neutralize his opponent: if he is standing, he can knock him down through arm, leg and hip techniques; and if it is on the ground, the objective will be to reduce it through immobilizations, dislocations and strangulations.

You can win a judo match in 3 ways: by doing one ippon (a takedown or immobilization equivalent to 10 points, which is the maximum score), two waza-ari (7 points), or simply by accumulating more points than your opponent.

But be careful! because not everything goes in a judo fight. That is why it is necessary that you know what the main rules of judo are according to the International Judo Federation (IJF).

Origin of judo

In 1882, the young jiu-jitsu expert Jigoro Kano founded his own school to teach his knowledge of martial arts. Kano was aware that the fighting styles of the time were always oriented towards aggression and physical strength, but he believed in the importance of balance between body and mind, as well as in the possibility of developing character and morality through of the figth.

For all this he ended up creating judo, which was based on the idea of using energy and balance to overcome a stronger opponent. It was a kind of evolution of jiu-jitsu, from which the most dangerous techniques were eliminated and its most valuable actions were preserved.

Physical benefits

If you are thinking about becoming a judoka, when you enter the dojo (the sports center where judo is practiced) and put on the judogi (the famous judo suit or kimono) you will discover how much you can improve your physical condition, both in strength and in resistance and flexibility, not to mention the improvement in coordination that practicing the movements of this sport will provide you.

Judo is a very complete discipline that also allows you to burn calories, so it is ideal for those who want to lose weight or simply stay in shape.

Psychological benefits and values

The practice of judo is not only beneficial for the body, but it also has positive aspects for the mind. As with many sports, practicing it favors the release of endorphins, which promotes a feeling of well-being, improves mood and regulates anxiety.

Furthermore, practicing judo will improve your confidence, as you will gain self-assurance as you acquire technical and physical skills that will introduce you to a dynamic of continuous personal improvement.

And, of course, judo will train you in values such as discipline, respect and self-control, making it a highly recommended option for children.

Self defense

Of course, learning a martial art is a good way to prepare yourself to defend yourself against any everyday threat.

Judo is not based on brute force but will teach you to use precise and efficient techniques to control and subdue an aggressor, regardless of their size or weight. This quality makes it a very useful discipline for self-defense, especially because adding it to the self-control and maintaining calm that it encourages will allow you to successfully get out of complicated situations, even when you are at a physical disadvantage.


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