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Kick boxing is one of the most fashionable combat sports and has grown the most in recent years. In addition, it has the peculiarity that it is not just a sport, but a very effective self-defense system.

Whether you are new to combat sports or have already practiced other disciplines, kick boxing could be an option for you. For this reason, at Tagoya we want to give you all the keys to this popular sport that combines the punches of boxing and the kicks of martial arts.

History of kick boxing

Kick boxing was born in the 60s between Japan and Thailand, by Osama Noguchi, a boxing promoter and son of a heavyweight champion in this discipline. He met Naront Siri, a Muay Thai master, on one of his trips to Thailand and, thanks to his relationship with the founder of Kyokushinkai karate, Masutatsu Oyama, they organized a series of fights between Thai boxers and karatekas.

In this way, their techniques ended up merging into what we know today as kick boxing, a name that it acquired in 1968 after its original name, karate boxing, which was not very successful.

Therefore, although they have similarities and a relationship in their origin, there are differences between boxing and kick boxing.

Objective of kick boxing and how to win a fight

In this discipline the objective is to defeat your opponent using blows such as kicks and punches. And, as in other fighting sports, there are several ways to win a kick boxing match:

  • Knockout: Occurs when one of the fighters remains on the ground, unable to get up before the referee finishes the count to 10.
  • Technical knockout: When a fighter is taking a lot of hits and is unable to defend himself, the referee, doctor or trainer can stop the fight, declaring the opponent the winner.
  • By points: The judges score the fighters' performance based on their blows and techniques, so that whoever accumulates the most points at the end of a fight will be the winner.
  • Disqualification or withdrawal: A fighter may be disqualified for breaking the rules or may decide to leave the match for any other reason.

Necessary equipment in kick boxing

To train and compete you need specific kick boxing materials, which allow the protection and movement necessary in each action of the fight. For example, gloves and hand wraps, which will cushion blows. It is also important to know how to choose shin guards in kick boxing. And mouth guard, to avoid jaw injuries.

You should also not forget the helmet, mandatory in amateur kick boxing, and the cup, which is essential to protect the groin area in both men and women.

Now that you know the essentials about kick boxing, you are ready to delve into this exciting combat discipline. In our kick boxing store we will provide you with all the equipment you need to become a fearsome fighter!


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