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Kung Fu功夫 (gōngfū) , also called Wushu 武术(wǔshù) , is a Chinese martial art, used as self-defense and as a culture, with a spiritual dimension that requires concentration and self-discipline.

It is a combat normally compared to karate or taekwondo due to its hand and foot techniques, Kung Fu being the oldest Martial Art.

It is composed of two Chinese words: Gong, referring to work, skill and perseverance, and Fu, referring to man and mastery. As a whole it means achieving excellence through repetition and habit.

History of Kung Fu

Kung Fu dates back to primitive society, acquiring the movements of hunting.

However, its origin dates back to the year 527, when a Buddhist monk who came from India, called Bodhidharma, visited the Shaolin monastery. It was there that he showed the rest of the monks 18 movements for good health, known as “18 LuoHan”, which later resulted in 24 movements.

Starting with the Tang Dynasty, Kung Fu was incorporated in different Asian countries, leading to other martial arts such as kickboxing, karate, judo or aikido.

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, Kung Fu masters migrated to cities such as Hong Kong or Taiwan to develop their knowledge.

During the Cultural Revolution in China, the Red Guards destroyed any type of Chinese tradition, producing a radical change in martial arts and linking it to the Maoist trend. The State Physical Culture and Sports Commission was created to control the different arts and sports. This is when Wushu emerges, with movements adapted from traditional kung-fu.

In the rest of the world, it became popular in the 70s thanks to Hollywood films.

How to learn Kung Fu

Unlike what many people think, Kung Fu is not just about fighting, but about a lifestyle that develops body, mind and soul. It is not about beating the opponent, but about doing retrospection to be able to control and unite body and mind. That is why you need to be calm and not pursue combat, carrying it out only to be able to defend yourself from some threat.

For a person to “have Kung Fu”, they must master an action over time.

In Kung Fu, you must have good balance and coordination of both the skeleton and the muscles, concentrating the mind and avoiding any type of distraction.

Kung Fu Styles

Within Kung Fu, there are different styles that differ by their geographical origin and the type of training.

What is Kung Fu for?

Kung Fu is one of the most complete martial arts, including both attack and defense movements, using all parts of the body and developing concentration.

However, as we have already mentioned previously, Kung Fu is not only a martial art. It teaches us multiple qualities such as respect, balance, trust or equality, and to achieve success in society.

If you want to know if Kung Fu is right for you, you will have to show dedication and discipline.

Not all people advance at the same time, it depends on the physical and psychological capabilities of each person. Therefore, it is very important to make an effort in body and soul to be able to move forward.

If you are looking for inner peace, it is a great opportunity to enter the wonderful world of kung fu.

To start practicing it, discover our online Kung Fu catalog where you will find all the equipment such as Kung Fu suits, cobra gloves, Kung Fu shoes or sabers.


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