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Mixed martial arts (MMA) has experienced a significant rise in popularity worldwide, becoming one of the most followed and practiced contact sports. Figures like Conor McGregor have raised the profile of the sport, while in Spain, Ilia Topuria has emerged as one of its greatest exponents, especially on her way to the UFC featherweight title.


Introduction to Mixed Martial Arts ( MMA )


MMA combines techniques from various martial arts and combat sports, allowing a wide spectrum of maneuvers both standing and on the ground. This discipline stands out for its diversity, integrating elements of jiu-jitsu, muay thai, judo, karate, taekwondo, boxing, and kickboxing, among others, in an exciting and highly technical competition format.


The Cage: Stage of MMA Fights


Unlike other combat sports that take place in a ring, MMA typically takes place in an octagonal cage, especially in UFC events. This unique design has not only become a symbol of the sport, but also influences the fighters' strategy and technique during combat.


Weight Categories in MMA


To ensure fairness and competitiveness, MMA is divided into weight classes, each with a maximum limit that competitors must meet before their fights. This classification allows for fairer and more strategic matchups between fighters of similar sizes.


Regulations and Scoring in MMA


MMA matches are supervised by professional referees and scored by judges, based on criteria such as striking, grappling, octagon control, aggression and defense. Fights can conclude by knockout, submission, or decision, among other means, always within a framework of strict rules that seek to protect the integrity of the competitors.


Evolution of Rules in MMA


Since its inception, MMA has undergone an evolution in its regulations, adopting the Unified MMA Rules that prohibit actions such as hitting the back of the head, the genitals, pulling hair, biting, or poking the eyes. These rules have been fundamental for the development of the sport, guaranteeing safe and competitive fights.

The popularity of MMA continues to rise, thanks to the combination of technique, discipline, and spectacle they offer. With competitors such as Ilia Topuria, the sport not only gains fans, but also inspires future generations of fighters worldwide.


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