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Muay Thai , also known as Thai Boxing or Thai Boxing, is the national sport and martial art from Thailand. It was developed several hundred years ago as a form of hand-to-hand combat that used the entire body as a weapon. Before the fight, a dance ritual known as Wai Kru Ram Muay is carried out.

It is known as " The Art of Eight Limbs ", where eight points of the human body are used as weapons of war.

The hands like the sword and the dagger; the shins and forearms as armor against blows, the elbow as a hammer, the legs as an ax and the knees as a staff. Each limb together forms the unit to be able to take down the enemy.

Muay Thai is a standing sport, in which punches, elbows, knees and kicks, as well as throws or holds, are allowed. Additionally, each fight is accompanied by Sarama music.

People who practice the contact sport Muay Thai are known as “ Nak Muay ”.

History of Muay Thai

The history of Muay Thai dates back to the Sukhothai dynasty of Thailand, around the 13th century. To defend itself, the Thai army carried out both armed and unarmed combat, evolving into what we know as Muay Thai.

Due to wars with kingdoms over time, Muay Thai became a way of life for the people of Siam (present-day Thailand).

Much of the history of Muay Thai was lost after the sacking of the capital of Thailand by the Burmese during the 14th century. The only books that were saved are currently national treasures protected as Thai heritage. One of them tells how during the Ayutthaya period, Nai Khanom Tom, known as the Father of Muay Thai, defeated 9 Burmese fighters during his imprisonment after the siege of Siam. This event gave rise to Muay Thai Day, celebrated every March 17.

It was during the time of the kingdom of Rattanakosin, between the 18th and early 20th centuries, when Muay Thai formally became a national sport, creating the regulations to practice it. Since then, this sport has grown over the years, incorporating elements such as padded boxing gloves and the use of the ring as a place of practice and combat.

The most prestigious venues for competition are Lumpinee and Rajadamnern, located in Bangkok.

Much of the strikes and techniques of ancient Muay Thai, also known as Muay Boran, are preserved. Muay Boran was created for hand-to-hand combat during war, with dangerous techniques, such as punches to the joints or the back of the head, which can be fatal, which are prohibited in Muay Thai.

Muay Thai techniques

Muay Thai techniques can be classified into:

Muay Thai moves

Among them, we find the following movements:

Guard Position

You should tuck your chin in, stand your body upright, knees bent and always use your hands to protect your head.

fist bumps

There are several similarities to traditional boxing.


It is a strong blow where all the force of the body is transmitted. There are different types of blows that are usually directed at the head.


With your knees you can perform different movements:


We can find two types of kicks:


There are two types of grips:

Now that you know the origin, techniques and movements of Muay Thai, discover all the Muay Thai products in our online store, such as Thai Boxing pants, Kick Boxing shin guards, helmets, mitts, bandages, punching bags and all the necessary material. to master this martial art.


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