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What is the speedball in boxing?

What is the speedball in boxing?

The speed ball , also known as a speedball or speed ball in the context of boxing, is training equipment used by boxers and martial arts practitioners to improve various aspects of their ability in the ring. It consists of a small ball that is firmly tied to a platform above and a floor or base below, allowing it to bounce rapidly in all directions when hit. Here is a summary of its main benefits and uses in training:

Benefits of the Speed Ball

  • Improved Hand-Eye Coordination : The use of the speedball helps improve coordination between vision and hand movements, crucial for dodging and hitting with precision in boxing.
  • Increased Speed of Punches : By training with the speedball, boxers can increase the speed of their punches due to the quick response required to keep the ball moving.
  • Endurance Development : Sustaining prolonged rounds with the speed ball can significantly improve muscular endurance in the arms and shoulders, benefiting the ability to maintain a high level of activity during bouts.
  • Improving Rhythm and Timing : Hitting the speedball teaches boxers to maintain a constant rhythm and improve their timing, essential skills for combat.
  • Refinement of Hitting Technique : The precision required to consistently hit the speedball can help refine hitting technique, ensuring that hits are not only fast but also effective.

Use in Training

The speed ball is used in a variety of training exercises designed to improve specific aspects of a boxer's performance. Training usually includes rounds of a fixed duration in which the objective is to keep the ball moving constantly, alternating between direct punches, uppercuts and hooks to work different muscle groups and hitting techniques.


The speedball is a versatile and effective training tool that offers tangible benefits for boxers of all levels. By regularly integrating it into training routines, practitioners can expect to see noticeable improvements in their speed, coordination, endurance, and hitting technique.


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