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Where to watch UFC in Spain?

Where to watch UFC in Spain?

For Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fans in Spain, finding the right place to watch Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fights can be a challenge. However, with the growing popularity of the sport, especially with the presence of Spanish champions like Ilia Topuria in the featherweight class, there has never been a better time to be a UFC fan in Spain.

Where to watch UFC in Spain?

The answer to this question is simpler than many might think. UFC events, including both numbered bouts and UFC Fight Nights, are broadcast in Spain on Eurosport 2 . This television network has become the home of the UFC in Spain, offering viewers the opportunity to follow their favorite fighters closely.

In addition to television coverage, fans can enjoy live events and relive the best fights through the Eurosport APP . This digital platform provides immediate access to the evenings, allowing users to watch the fights from anywhere and at any time, which is ideal for those who lead a busy lifestyle.

Ilia Topuria: The Spanish Champion

The presence of Ilia Topuria in the UFC has sparked renewed interest in the sport within Spain. As featherweight champion, Topuria has not only carried the Spanish flag to the top of the octagon, but has also inspired a new generation of fighters in the country. Watching Topuria compete in UFC events has become a point of national pride and a source of inspiration for many.

Topuria's skill in the octagon and his success in the UFC are a clear testament to the growth of MMA in Spain and, in particular, the acceptance and enthusiasm for the UFC. His presence on the world MMA stage highlights the quality and competitive level that Spain is beginning to show in this sport.


In short, the UFC is more accessible than ever for Spanish fans, thanks to Eurosport 2 and the Eurosport APP. The excitement of following fighters of Ilia Topuria's caliber and seeing how they represent Spain on the world stage is incomparable. The UFC is not only a showcase of physical and technical skill, but also a source of national pride, and now, with such extensive viewing facilities, no fan has an excuse to miss the action.


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