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Why is it important to use bandages in boxing?

Why is it important to use bandages in boxing?

The use of bandages in boxing is a fundamental practice that offers multiple benefits to the boxer's safety and performance. These bandages, also known as wraps, play a crucial role in protecting hands and wrists during training and competition.


Hand and Wrist Protection


One of the main benefits of bandages is that they help stabilize the wrists and protect the bones in the hands. By wrapping your hands tightly, you distribute the impact of blows more evenly, reducing the risk of injuries such as fractures, sprains or dislocations.


Performance improvement


Wraps allow for a more compact and secure fist when punching, which can improve punching technique and effectiveness. Additionally, with hands feeling more protected, boxers can train with greater confidence and for longer periods.


Odor Prevention in Gloves


An important point to consider is hygiene. Using bandages absorbs sweat from your hands, preventing it from accumulating directly on the gloves. This is essential to prevent the formation of unpleasant odors and the proliferation of bacteria inside the gloves, keeping them more hygienic and prolonging their useful life.


Psychological Support


The process of wrapping hands before training or competing also has a psychological component, functioning as a ritual that mentally prepares the boxer for the physical effort and concentration required in boxing.

In conclusion, the use of bandages is essential in boxing, not only for the physical advantages it provides in terms of protection and performance, but also for its contribution to the hygiene and psychological well-being of the boxer. Incorporating this element into the training routine guarantees a safer and more effective practice of the sport.


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