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Venum black boxing Handwraps (Pair)


Available colours:

  • Venum boxing Handwraps black / gold (Pair)
  • Venum boxing Handwraps black / red (Pair)
  • Venum white boxing Handwraps (Pair)
  • Venum red boxing Handwraps (Pair)
  • Venum camo boxing Handwraps (Pair)
  • Venum blue boxing Handwraps (Pair)
  • Venum neo pink boxing Handwraps (Pair)
  • Venum neo yellow boxing Handwraps (Pair)
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You will receive it on friday 7 june

  • Venum black boxing Handwraps (Pair)
  • Venum black boxing Handwraps (Pair)
  • Venum black boxing Handwraps (Pair)

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Venum black boxing Handwraps (Pair)

These bandages offer unbeatable value for money that you won't want to pass up.
Kontact Boxing Bandages have the following characteristics:
AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE COLORS: Personalize your boxing gear and stand out in the ring with our wide variety of vibrant colors. Choose the one that best suits your style and personality.
Two different lengths: We understand that each athlete has their preferences and needs, which is why we offer our bandages in two different lengths. Select the one that best suits your requirements and ensure optimal support.
High-quality elastic cotton: The bandages are made of elastic cotton that guarantees comfort, durability and a perfect fit. In addition, its breathable material prevents the accumulation of sweat and keeps your hands cool during training.
Excellent value for money: At Venum, we strive to offer high-quality products at affordable prices. With our boxing wraps, you get the best support and protection without breaking the bank.
Don't wait any longer, protect your hands and improve your performance in the ring with the Venum Kontact Boxing Bandages. Get yours today and experience the difference in quality and comfort that will make a difference in your workouts!

Technical characteristics:

  • Stretch cotton for comfort and strength
  • Velcro closure: quick and personalized adjustment
  • Sold in pairs
  • venum logo
  • Available in various colors.

Why you will love it:

Venum is currently the top brand in contact sports, without a doubt. It outfits UFC fighters, and all their products ensure the highest quality.

Size guide:


165 opinions of our clients

5/5 165 reviews
5 stars
4 stars
3 stars
2 stars
1 stars
Alejandro García utrilla10/05/20245
Good price and good quality
Alejandro García utrilla10/05/20245
Good price and good quality
Daniel Stratu08/05/20245
Very good!
Tiago 04/05/20245
Very good
Alberto Sevillano Trigo05/04/20245
Patrick Guerra11/03/20245
Jorge Matos08/03/20245
Luis Miguel Barceló Fernández03/03/20245
Indispensable, resistant and at an acceptable price.
zenite majestoso25/02/20245
zenite majestoso24/01/20245
Inês Borda15/01/20245
Very comfortable and of great quality!
Beatriz Padilla25/12/20235
Correct size if you have a big hand
They have very good touch and with. 4 meters great
Dinis Marques11/12/20235
Very comfortable!
Sergio Verde de la Calle18/09/20235
They fulfill their function
Pedro Oliveira20/08/20234
Nair Ricardo10/08/20235
Quite comfortable, a good buy
Fast shipping and good quality
jonathan solis roman14/07/20235
very good
Alexandre Santos16/05/20235
Very comfortable bandages. Semi elastic Fits very well, protects hands and wrists well.
Duarte Manuel martins27/04/20235
Berta Trigo Padin24/04/20235
Excellent quality at a low price. These bandages are super comfortable so I will repeat a second pair
Alfonso Fernández Torres20/04/20235
They meet expectations and are comfortable to place.
Manuel Jesús Jiménez Naranjo19/04/20235
Sales to train. And cheap!!
zenite majestoso29/03/20235
Mariana Olho Azul19/03/20235
Abelardo IS RUFETE18/03/20235
David Sa03/03/20235
Excellent product.
Tiago Peliteiro27/01/20235
good bandages
Sergio AG21/01/20235
They have been a gift and she is delighted!
Francisco Muñoz Gómez15/01/20235
Good product
Flex Gonçalo09/01/20235
Good luck!
Tondu jerome30/12/20224
Good quality product. Meets my expectations.
Carlos Moragues Lacera 28/12/20225
Very comfortable, the quality shows that you don't even know you're wearing them!
Vanessa Meeusen11/11/20225
Super satisfied
zenite majestoso06/11/20225
Top, I'm satisfied
Duarte Manuel martins04/11/20225
Good price
Duarte Manuel martins14/10/20225
great quality
diego 13/10/20225
great stuff
Daniel Costa13/10/20225
Bandages with a little elastic that adapt very well to the hands
Andrej Berezni13/10/20225
Great product for good price!
Duarte Manuel martins04/10/20225
Good price
Marc Soler Sallent01/10/20225
Very comfortable, perfect size for big hands! The delivery in 24 hours, the service and attention of the MMA Style team is a joy!
Jorge Cardinha01/10/20225
Very comfortable
André Silva29/09/20224
Very elegant bandages but a little thin.
Marian Ruiz Morote Tramblin28/09/20225
comfortable and beautiful
Emilio Marín Angulo23/09/20225
The black Venum boxing Vendas are of good quality and resistant, I have been buying this brand and model that the Etilo MMA company provides me for some time, since we are very satisfied with them, both with the company and its products.
Rached Alexandre07/08/20225
Good protection when wearing hard gloves
Duarte Manuel martins26/07/20225
Duarte Manuel martins05/07/20225
Very good
Juan Jesus Vargas Torrico02/07/20225
Super comfortable they arrived in 24 hours
Duarte Manuel martins24/06/20225
Good material
Mateus Souza11/06/20225
Lots of boas. Good quality.
Hugo Marques03/06/20225
very good quality
Fidel Herrera Castro 21/05/20225
Duarte Manuel martins07/05/20225
Duarte Manuel martins28/04/20225
Bruno Mouta23/04/20225
Pedido en tienda22/04/20225
Very practical and very comfortable to wear.
Sergio Gonzalez18/04/20225
Great quality and very elastic..
Moisés Fernández29/03/20225
Everything's fine
Melody Torres28/03/20225
Diogo André Fontoura Baptista13/03/20225
Gustavo Carvalho13/03/20225
very good
Juan Tomás García Amezcua12/03/20225
Perfect! The best among those I have used.
Duarte Manuel martins10/03/20225
Very good
Duarte Manuel martins04/03/20225
Very good
Pedro Gil03/03/20225
Very good! fast on delivery
Sandra Martins03/02/20225
Very good quality, very satisfied with the product. I also appreciate the contact to choose another option after verifying the lack of stock of the product
Raquel Bonet02/02/20225
They are the second ones I buy, with that I say it all.
Guadalupe Surribas Parra06/01/20224
They are very durable.
David Fajardo Escudero31/12/20215
Very good
David Fernandez30/12/20215
Very good
Emilia Arroyo Cháfer24/12/20215
From 10
Rúben Campos23/12/20215
David Pombo21/12/20215
Bruno Mendonça02/12/20215
ideal size
Jennifer López fernandez26/11/20215
Diogo Vieira10/10/20215
I recommend
Luis David Castillo Uchuari26/09/20215
Very comfortable
Alberto Vela Navarro18/09/20215
Comfortable and efficient.
Pedro Martins18/09/20215
Fulfill their function.
Claudiu nicolae Cristina15/09/20215
Very good
luis andrade14/09/20214
Good quality
Eric Domenech Justicia11/09/20215
Marco Janeiro10/09/20215
The material is top!
Miguel angel Gómez cuesta10/09/20215
Shipping in 24h, perfect
Alejandro Tejero Cuartero09/09/20215
Perfect size, quality and very good comfort.
Gerson Chipi08/09/20215
Very useful, it protects the wrist and hands a lot
Carlos Alonso Ojeda Prieto08/09/20215
Good quality and very comfortable in training
Moisés Oliver riaza05/09/20215
Good bandages
Cristina Morato González04/09/20215
They came as in the description
Javier Lopez Menchero25/08/20214
I just tried them and they look good quality
João Carvalho20/08/20215
Good quality
Julian Gutierrez gonzalez18/08/20215
Just what I thought, good measure and comfortable to wear.
Rafael Moscardó Mongort26/07/20214
Good product
Joan Ortin11/07/20215
Jorge Fernández Castaño09/07/20215
They are perfect for me
Noel Esteban Toro gomez26/06/20215
JS Siemensma17/06/20215
They work great
Adriana Belmonte Plaza14/06/20214
All the products I have received are correct, at my request and of good quality.
Ingrid Saseras Saura10/06/20215
Great, delighted with the purchase
Unai Santesteban10/06/20215
Very good grip.
Dmytro Kylevyy06/06/20215
Excellent product!
Jose maria Piñero brea29/05/20214
One of the velcros is unstitched, they are very good but it comes with that small flaw and they will not last long because each time it becomes more unstitched
Feliciano Santinho27/05/20215
Excellent in price, quality and shipping speed.
Miguel Miranda24/05/20215
Great quality!
Alejandro Saavedra Bermúdez14/05/20215
Alejandro Saavedra Bermúdez13/05/20215
iker molina martin04/05/20215
Alvaro Cuenca de Blas26/04/20215
Good product.
Clara Duarte Moncó19/04/20215
Just what i expected
Borja Patiño Cano18/04/20215
Total comfort and top quality material to carry out your workouts.
David Nufrio Terrón18/04/20215
Semi-elastic bandage with good fit
Eduard Martin Diaz17/04/20215
Very elastic bandages and in good condition
Lidia Huercano Sánchez10/04/20215
Came very fast good service
Christian Martínez Peso02/04/20215
Very good
Javier Montero Moreno18/03/20214
As expected, it adapts to what I needed, they are very comfortable.
Sidney Lorca Jiménez17/03/20215
Fran Carrillo11/03/20214
They are fine
Rafael Perez rebollo11/03/20215
I love them
Israel Fernandez11/03/20215
Very adjustable. Good value for money.
Leontina Cardona07/03/20215
5 stars
Rui Ribeiro05/03/20215
Good quality
Rocio Cansino Gil07/02/20215
Quality product and fast shipping
Fernando González robles06/02/20215
Good quality
Maria Cortes Morales25/01/20215
Very comfortable and pretty
Mary Rodríguez González23/01/20215
Very comfortable, I'm going to buy others.
Irina Goncalves17/01/20215
Rebeca Acereto Muñoz De Arenillas15/01/20215
Very good
Aarón Guzmán Baena14/01/20215
Very comfortable
Excellent product
José Luis Gañán López27/12/20205
Good quality
Manuel garcía Franco20/12/20205
The cool product.
Oscar Romero Cano19/12/20205
Good bandage, great value for money. Perfect for training
Israel Fernandez14/12/20205
Good fixation and good price
Filipe Inacio08/12/20205
Very good quality 100% satisfied
Pablo Gomez bojados07/12/20203
very normal
Ivàn Romero Lozano25/11/20205
Impeccable Venum bandages, fast shipping and good service!
Badro Debba23/11/20204
Good quality
Daniel Vinueza Guaman22/11/20205
Wagner Nicolás Arreaga20/11/20205
RUBEN SANCHEZ16/11/20205
Very good bandages and very comfortable
Estefanía CK01/11/20205
Very good quality
Raúl Rodríguez29/10/20205
Great product
Pablo Portilla28/10/20205
Angel Glez26/10/20205
Very good product. recommendable
Paulo Viola24/10/20205
High quality equipment delivered quickly and efficiently.
Raúl Serrano Moreno15/10/20205
They arrived on the established day, and they are of great quality. Reliable
Luis Tavares10/10/20204
Jose Angel Roncero Villegas08/10/20205
Very comfortable.
David Carvalho29/09/20205
Very flexible and adaptable material with good protection!
Manuel Román Arenas21/09/20205
Very comfortable and perfect measure
Mercier Sebastien20/09/20205
Very good
Peio Zorrozua Francés17/09/20205
Perfect fit and more comfortable than other alternatives I have tried, optimal length (4 m). The order has arrived in a day and I live in a remote area
Alejandro Sanchez Pulido12/09/20205
Perfect for bandaging for K1/Boxing
Comfortable and resistant.
Fabián Hernández10/09/20205
Super fast shipping and unbeatable quality I will definitely buy again
Lamirault Morgan09/09/20205
Perfect as in the description
José Jesús González Ben Hamido06/09/20205
Good product, 100% recommended
Pablo Merodio21/08/20203
They comply
Adrià Torres Pérez07/08/20205
As seen in the photos
Jose luis Gomez06/08/20205
Very soft, they fit very well.
Miriam Romero Rodriguez12/07/20205
As shown in the photograph, bandage you were looking for and comfortable to train
Jairo Ubiaño22/06/20205
Great !! Good quality / price and great protection for wrists and knuckles !!
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