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Venum Challenger mouthguard black / yellow


Available colours:

  • Venum Challenger Red Devil Mouthguard
  • Venum Challenger mouthguard matte black
  • Venum Challenger mouthguard white / blue
  • Mouthguard Venum Challenger black/white
  • Venum Challenger mouthguard black / blue
  • Venum Challenger mouthguard black / purple
  • Venum Challenger mouthguard red / yellow
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You will receive it on friday 21 june

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Venum Challenger mouthguard black / yellow

We present the mouthguard specially designed to prevent and reduce injuries to the teeth, arches, lips, joints, jaw and gums. This mouthguard has been carefully designed to fit perfectly to the size of your teeth, guaranteeing maximum safety and protection during your training and fights.
Main features of the mouthguard:
Personalized fit: The layout of the mouthguard is designed to adapt perfectly to your teeth, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit that maximally protects your mouth.
Gel frame: Venum has used a gel frame in the manufacture of this mouthguard, which ensures greater comfort during use and makes it easier to adapt to the shape of your teeth.
Advanced Design for Optimal Breathing: The mouthguard features an innovative design that allows for optimal breathing during fighting, ensuring you can perform at your best without feeling limited by your protective gear.
Versatile and effective: This mouthguard is ideal for use in different combat disciplines, such as boxing, muay Thai, kickboxing and MMA, offering reliable and comfortable protection in every training.
Don't wait any longer to protect your smile with this high-quality mouthguard. Get yours today and experience the safety, comfort and performance that will allow you to focus on improving your skills in the ring without worrying about oral injuries.

Technical characteristics:

- Nexfit Frame Gel for better fit and comfort.
- Advanced design for optimal breathing during the fight.
- High-density rubber frame for better shock management and superior protection.
- Delivered with its protective case for better hygiene.
*How to shape the mouthguard?
. Boil for 30-40 seconds.
. Take the mouthpiece out of the water.
. Put it in cold water for 5 seconds.
. Put it in your mouth and bite to mold it.
. Once molded, put it in cold water for a few seconds so that it solidifies better.

Why you will love it:

Venum is currently the top brand in contact sports, without a doubt. It outfits UFC fighters, and all their products ensure the highest quality.



11 opinions of our clients

5/5 11 reviews
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Alejandro Palacios Morente09/05/20244
Everything perfect, arrived fast and good quality.
Celia Costa16/10/20215
Great, I love it
Joaquin Marruecos Benjumea22/08/20215
Very good, fits perfectly. The best I've ever had
INMA Urizarbarrena AZKARRAGAURIZAR30/07/20215
Good protector
Jesus Del río Muñoz06/06/20215
Unai Santesteban21/05/20215
Very comfortable in the mouth, hardly noticeable
David Esteve Garde02/05/20215
very well
David Nufrio Terrón22/04/20215
Very good
David Bartolomeu13/03/20215
Quite ergonomic. Detailed instructions
Rui Ribeiro28/02/20215
One of the best protections I have ever had
Mario Martín Rodríguez01/01/20215
The protector fits the mouth in a very good way by following the steps to mold it. It is comfortable and safe.
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